Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday Morning!

This is so good I just needed to share it. It makes me laugh every time I watch it, but there is so much truth to it too! I for one do not want to be entertained!!

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Customer Service in 2010

I was told by Mari that she needed to hear the story of my recent trip to a world wide fast food restaurant, which I won't name, but the Arch in St. Louis reminds me of it (hint, hint), so I thought I would blog the story.

It started on a cloudy Thursday morning this past week. My wonderful son was scheduled to have his braces taken off, so I told him we would celebrate with a chocolate shake at said restaurant.

We drove up the the drive through, and ordered 1 large iced coffee, and 1 small chocolate shake. I got the the window and handed the girl my debit card. She ran the card, then opened the window and apologized for not telling me that their shake machine is not working. "Would I like another coffee drink instead or any of other drink". "No" I said, "it is for a 13 year old boy, and all your other drinks are $1.00 and I spent almost $2.50 on the shake, please credit my card, and while your at it, just take the iced coffee off as well, and we will travel down the street to another said restaurant of the same name".

I then received a strange look as the window closed. My son at this point is looking out the window away from me. I think he was embarrassed for the people, he couldn't have been embarrassed because of me right? I mean I was in the right, right? So while I am asking my son "Why aren't you looking at me? This isn't my issue, it's theirs!" 3 other people join said girl. A man approaches the window it opens and he says "Mame I am sorry for the inconvenience, if you would like to order a frappe you can have one of those". Again I told him the drink was for a 13 year old. How about just giving me a gift certificate for the amount and we will be good". He hands me a card good for an extra value meal. I told him "I don't want an extra value meal, I want my card credited".

He then gave in and credited my card for the shake. Not the shake and the iced coffee as I asked but the shake. He told me I could pick up my iced coffee at the next window. Like Franky from The Middle on ABC, I just didn't see the point in fighting anymore, so off to get my iced coffee I went (after retaining the refund receipt of course). When I reached the window, the girl had a bag and cup of brewed coffee for me. I told her I didn't order that but an iced coffee. She said "They told me you didn't want the iced coffee". I told her "Well since I paid for it I want it now".

As I pulled away on my way to the other fast food restaurant across the street that is fit for a King, I asked my boy if he thought I was wrong in expecting good customer service. He agreed with me quickly (I don't think he was afraid). I had him call his father though and he told his dad "Mom had a hissy fit at @c**n%#*s. I said "I did not have a hissy fit. I felt I was very controlled, but firm."

We reach the other restaurant. I pull up to the drive through, ask if they have chocolate shakes, ask if their shake machine is working, and finally get my son the shake he ssssoooooo wanted! He said it was the best he ever tasted! GOOD ANSWER!

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