Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interesting Michigan Facts - Part One

I love living in Michigan! I know I've said that here before, but I just need to state it again. This past week I received my monthly copy of the Allendale Lifelong Learner newsletter (the senior citizens newsletter, I love to read it!) Perusing it the other day I say that Kathy put alot of interesting facts about Michigan. Some of this I knew, most of it I didn't, but because I love Michigan and we are about ready to enter a very beautiful season in this state, and because we are having a hard economic time I wanted to share the great things about my state. I will do it in a few segments as not to bore you to much.


Detroit is known as the car capital of the world.

Alpena is the home of the world's largest cement plant.

Rogers City boasts the world's largest limestone quarry.

Elsie is the home of the world's largest registered Holstein dairy herd.

Michigan is first in the United States production of peat and

Magnesium compounds and second in gypsum and iron ore.

Colon is home to the world's largest manufacturer of magic supplies.

The state Capitol with its majestic dome was built in Lansing in l879.

Although Michigan is often called the ( Wolverine State )There are no longer any wolverines in Michigan . (However, one was spotted in 2007, so there are some.)

Michigan ranks first in state boat registrations.

The Packard Motor Car Company manufactured the first Air-conditioned car in 1939.

The oldest county (based on date of incorporation) is Wayne in 1815.

Sault Ste. Marie was founded by Father Jacques Marquette in 1668. It is the third oldest

remaining settlement in the United States

In 1817 the University of Michigan was the first university established by any of the states. It was founded by priests. Originally named Cathelepistemian and located in Detroit , the name was changed in 1821. The university moved to Ann Arbor in 1841.

The city of Novi was named from its designation as Stagecoach Stop #6 or No.VI.

Michigan State University has the largest single campus student body of any Michigan

university. It is the largest institution of higher learning in the state and one of the

largest universities in the country. Michigan State University was founded in 1855 as the

nation's first land-grant university and served as the prototype for 69 land-grant institutions later established under the Morrill Act of 1862. It was the first institution of higher learning in the nation to teach scientific agriculture.

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Beth in NC said...

Wow, those were some interesting facts. I wonder if that is why so many Holsteins are named Elsie? lol I never knew.

SnoWhite said...

Thanks for the fun facts about Michigan! It's fun to hear something positive about Michigan! I live in the capitol city ... moved here 5 years ago for grad school at that large land grant university :)

Mari said...

I love Michigan too! I didn't see the newsletter and didn't know lots of these things.

e-Mom said...

From the senior citizens newsletter, eh? LOL...

I like Michigan! My grandparents lived in Windsor Canada, so we often went under the river to Detroit for shopping. Fond memories. :~D

2Thinks said...

Holland is Tulip City U.S.A. with the third largest parade in the U.S. (used to be true anyway) and a $100 fine for picking a tulip if the city planted it- along streets and in parks etc.

I don't live there now, but I did.

Are you in Allendale? That is near me. I am getting together w/another Allendale blogger soon- you should join us!