Saturday, June 14, 2008

Come Apart and Rest Awhile

That is the theme of the campground we just returned from. This campground is on the shores of Lake Michigan between Holland and Grand Haven. That is just what we did too! What a great week we had! Yes we had some stormy weather, but isn't that one of the ways we see God's beauty!!! Boy we sure did! It was a great week! Bekah was involved in the Bible school there, and she also reestablished a friendship from preschool days! It rained alot on Saturday evening, most of the day on Sunday, and part of the day on Monday! And I do mean rain!!!! Parts of Michigan really took a beating! We managed well! It helps being in a 27 foot trailer and not a tent!!!

On our last night we went for a walk on the beach. If I haven't said it before I'll say it now! I love Michigan! I love Lake Michigan and Lake Superior! I feel so peaceful being near them! I love the sound of the waves, the feel of the wind and the smell in the air! I love to watch the magnificent sunrises and sunsets over the water! I just feel blessed to live here! Here are some pictures from our last night! Surprisingly I didn't take many pictures this trip, but I think these are pretty cool!
Juming the waves! That's the Grand Haven Lighthouse way in the background!

Two kids that are growing up way to fast!

A beautiful and stange cloud that we saw!

A God given sunset!

A little girl giving an applause offering for said sunset!

It's strange being out of touch for a week! We weren't aware of all the devastation that has gone on around the Midwest! While we praise God it wasn't worse here our hearts and prayers go out to all those who are suffering and who have lost loved ones because of these storms!

Now off to bed! Remember to give your Husbands and Dads big hugs and kisses tomorrow! I know I am thankful for my dad who has been gone now 18 years! There are so many things I would like to talk to him about and thank him for! I will post more about him sometime! He was an awesome God loving and serving man (with Big Hands)!

And I could not thank God more for the loving mate he has given me! Steve is more then I could have ever picked myself! God so knows what he's doing, and if your single and reading this, wait for His mate for you, he knows best! Thank you Steve for being the best Dad to our children! They are blessed because of you!!!


Mari said...

We are going to that campground in August and I can't wait. Your kids do look really old in that picture where they are walking away. Glad you had a good time in spite of the rainy weather!

Anonymous said...

You're back! I worried about you guys on the lake in that big storm,but you seemed to manage just fine. Cute pictures.See-ya back at work soon,Patty

Cheri said...

Glad you had a good vacation despite the weather issues. Those are beautiful pictures of the beach and sunsets. I can't wait for August when we're there!