Monday, February 1, 2010

Marriage Monday - Celebrating Valentines Day all year long!

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Solomon 7:10

I belong to my lover,
and his desire is for me.
Today is the first Monday in February, so it's very appropriate that Marriage Monday has a Valentine Theme! E-Mom asked us to share with each other how we celebrate Valentines Day all year long. How do we keep the romance alive? Well I thought about it all weekend. Laughed a little at the things that are TMI, and came up with my top three. Now these are very simple things, and they are not the only ones, but they were just so much a part of why I feel so close to my husband.
  1. We laugh alot! We are always saying to our children, what a weird family we have, because we do so many strange things that make us all laugh. This past weekend Steve and I got to go on a mini date to shop for bathroom fixtures. It was so exciting! It's amazing to think that shopping at Lowe's would bring such excitement, but we were just two tickled lovebirds, every once in a while sneaking a smooch when we got a good deal on something! What I realized at lunch was we laugh alot when we're together. We thoroughly enjoy each others company! Steve is my very best friend! The one I go to first, (after God of course), so it just makes sense that we would find each other amusing too!
  2. We pray together. Now this doesn't happen every night, so we're not like some super couple who is very righteous. But I can see how praying together keeps you talking and close. God meant for us to bond through our relationship with him. After all his Son is the Bridegroom and we are the Bride. So it just fits that when we are doing something that honors him together, he draws us closer together. I love how Steve prays over me at times too! He knows when I need to be covered in prayer. When I'm at the end of my rope and I just need his arms around me and a prayer said over me! Oh I love that!
  3. We encourage each other. Just yesterday was when he encouraged me. Spent some time with the SMIL, which can be difficult because she is a opinionated woman, and if it's not done her way, she says things that can be hurtful. I'm not going into the whole sorted story, just suffice it to say Steve know I needed to be built up after that, and he did! We both do that for each other. Now I may feel that I don't do it as well as he does, but we HAVE EACH OTHERS BACK!!! Also we were just talking with weekend how it seems that when one of us is discouraged about a certain issue, the other is able to give encouragement. It is very seldom that we are both down at the same time.
  4. O.K. so I said three and now I am putting a 4th one. I just thought of it when I found the verse above. This is more about Steve, and it falls into the encouragement category, but I think it's great what he said and this is what God give us as couples. I have struggled with my weight FOREVER, always feeling inadequate, and defeated. A couple of years ago when I was lamenting again Steve said "but Kim, God made me addicted to you". He loves me! When he sees me he desires me, not anyone else! God made him addicted to me and me to him! As far as I'm concerned Steve is the most handsome guy on the planet!!!
I hope you have enjoyed stopping by today! God bless you all, and God bless our marriages!!!
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gemini said...

Love will always see us through, without this our marriage would go broke, our love bank would go bankrupt, and our emotions would be haywire. Congrats...for a long term marriage. God bless.Visiting. Join me too.

Denise said...

May God continue to bless your marriage.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Sweet ideas! Love that. I think laughing together is really important too. I need to do that more.

bp said...

I enjoyed reading the special things you and your husband share. I had to laugh at the TMI part, when I was writing my post I thought there are some things that are just for us that I won't share!
Have a great week! Happy Februrary!

Joyfull said...

I loved reading these tips to keep love alive. Many blessings to you always. Thank you for sharing.

MiPa said...

I have a husband that is an encourager as well. Such a blessing. Thank you for sharing.

Susan said...


This was great! Yes, even a trip to Lowes can be a mini date. Loved it!!

Blessings to you and your hubby♥

Mari said...

I like your list of how to keep romance alive. I think laughing together is a good one. It's important to have fun and helps you through the not so fun times! Of course encouraging and praying are important too - they each play a part!

e-Mom said...

There is something unique about a man who loves the Lord. Your guy sounds fabulous.

"It is very seldom that we are both down at the same time."--Yay, and Amen. It's very challenging when two marriage partners are both down together. Lots of misunderstandings occur, and can wreak havok!

We love going to Lowe's together too... like you, we joke that our favorite romantic spot is the plumbing dept!

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Kim.


Mac an Rothaich said...

Addicted to you, WOW! Oh man what a man! How blessed are you both! Love laughing with my man too!

Wife of Rob said...


I loved your whole post but I really loved #4. You go give him a big "high five" from the Deep South! I think that he exhibits the true measure of a real man. I have had health issues that has caused me to struggle on and off with weight too...and my husband loves me just the way I am (on whatever day, and whatever pair of jeans I'm getting into that day)!

Big Hugs!

theanniversaryshop said...

So glad you added #4! I have a husband who is addicted to me as well, though for the life of me I don't understand it. Your man sounds like a keeper.

tonya said...

Great post!I look forward to reading more of your posts.
My hubby and I have had many a dates at Home Depot. :)Who knew that light fixtures could be so romantic, but they can be. :)

sharon said...

oh that's so lovely... being addicted to each other. My husband and I are that way too, but folks like to tell us it's because we are newly weds. Next time, I'll just point them to your blog:)
Thanks for this post.

Connie said...

Kim, you are so fortunate to have the love you do. As you grow old together (I'm speaking from experience now) your love will grow and grow because your love is grounded in Christ. So many people do not enjoy eachother as they could.

Tami Boesiger said...

Praise God you have such a restful, comfortable relationship. And I love "I'm addicted to you." Priceless.

tgmagazine said...

I have been struggling with my weight after a difficult surgery. He keeps telling me I am still desirable to him, but it's difficult to believe. I'm really glad you added #4 - it helps.