Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What does ministry in the Church look like in 2010?.....

For some that know me this may be a brutally honest post for you. You may wonder "What is going on in Kim's mind these days?" Well so be it. I have been contemplating many things about ministry within a local body for sometime now and am feeling compelled to write about it.


  • What do you think ministry looks like within your local church body?
  • Is it the same as it was years ago?
  • Do you find people rise up to the challenges placed in front of them to serve, or do you find that it is harder to fill volunteer positions?
  • Is the church providing to many ministry opportunities?
  • Has times changed so much that ministries within the local body have become obsolete?
I am the Director of Children's Ministries in our local body. Questions I think about a lot are:
  • Are all the ministries we used to have still utilized?
  • Do people still think they are important?
  • If there were no longer there, would people care?
  • What do people want? What do they feel are important?
  • Are we just to busy, or do we need to rethink what we are doing?
  • Are we holding on to things because it has always been done, or are they truly important to the faith of our children?
  • Would our children be O.K., if one or two of the programs we offer, were no longer available?
These I do not have answers for, and it burdens me. I want what Christ wants for our kids. Simply I believe that is to know Him. To be a follower of Christ. To Love Christ and Love Others.

I look at the church (and in particular the local body I attend) and wonder. Is this what Christ meant by the Church. We are so caught up in programs, and procedure, and recruiting volunteers, and following this lovely book called the BCO (Book of Church Order; that even sounds awful to me!) It seems the leadership gets so caught up in following this book of man made rules and procedures that it just weights down anything Christ could be doing within the church. I often find myself saying "What does Christ think of that: overture, motion, vote, liturgy, process, etc.....? Sometimes I just want to scream!!!!!

Following Christ is so simple really, but we make it so much more complicated!

So where does that leave me? Who knows! Do I step down because I'm not comfortable with church government? Do I speak out against man made government, and ask "Really, is this important in Christ's eyes? Do I remain silent and just minister to the children? So many questions, and so much business that I find I am not listening to God so I can't hear him speak to me!

I don't know if this post made since or not, but I feel better having gotten if off my chest. Please pray that God will open my ears and eyes to His will! When he gave me this call, he gave me this verse:
Isaiah 30:21
Whether you turn to the right or to the left,
your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,
"This is the way; walk in it."

I pray that I will hear him regarding my future work for him now.

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Nate and Brenda said...

Great post Kim! I have thought these things so much. I HATE the BCO. I cannot stand the thought that people put so much faith in it and not put their faith in what Christ wants for His body. I hate that people put so much faith in their denominations. There were no denominations in the early church and there shouldn't be now. They would just gather together to Praise their Lord and Savior, e do that now at church and it is awesome BUT then they think they have to do business too. There, now I have said my piece too!

e-Mom said...

I hear you! Tough decisions... times they are a changin'


e-Mom said...

One more thought. Are you noticing a decline in tithes/contributions, due to the recession? Is that hurting your ministry effectiveness?

Also, I'm not sure what your denomination is, but Barna Research has some interesting stats/info on the recession, plus the decline and growth of mainline churches vs. megachurches, house churches etc.

Take a look:

God is certainly in control, through it all. :~D

Mari said...

Are we too busy? yes
Do we do things because we've always done them? yes
Would our kids be ok if one or two programs were dropped? yes
Do people care? Yes

I think there are several things going on here. I think we are way too busy, and I include myself in that. I look back at my childhood and don't remember my parents having so many things to do in the evening. In the next few months I will consistently have church events twice a week, and once a month, three times a week. When you add other things, it makes a busy schedule. They are all good, but sometimes too much.
Then - don't even get me started on how busy kids are. Sports can be all a family has time for, but there are also music lessons and other things added in.
I also think our churches don't have much difficulty in adding programs, but they don't often stop them, and then we feel we need to be there, but in reality it might be better to be home together.
Then there is the issue of getting help. Because there are so many programs and events, there is lots of help needed. People are tired and as I said before - they are busy and it's hard getting help. I have a hard time just getting people to help with the prayer ministry and that's a pretty small time commitment.
I think most people do care, but I think we do need to evaluate how much we have going on. Maybe less could equal more in the long run.
This is very interesting and I hope you get a lot of responses!

Mari said...

I forgot. I know that the church needs to have policies to do things correctly, but the BCO drives me crazy sometimes too!

Cheri said...

I completely agree with what Mari said! I do think sometimes there are too many programs at church.
We had the year of the family awhile back and I think now that totally got pushed to the side and we're right back at program after program.

Just my 2 cents!

Carol said...

This is really food for thought and I understand exactly what you mean. I once went through a similar time and I suddenly just decided to 'Stop'. I stopped going to mid-week meetings and all the rest and just got with God. It felt very strange at first but I experienced a wonderful growth in my relationship with God because it was just Him and me. It really helped me to seek His face and not His hands and it was wonderful. Not everyone can just 'stop'.
I pray that you will find your answers.
Bless you

e-Mom said...

A brand new article from The Barna Group... "The Economy’s Impact on Churches: How Churches Have Adapted"

Take a peek! Blessings, e-Mom

Anonymous said...

I would have to say I like the idea of filling our childrens lives with church activities when they are young. The Kingdom Cove program is excellent! Youth programs are excellent! I am noticing some of our teenagers are drifting from the church family, so having that early teaching and good foundation will see them through those trying years. I really would like to encourage children who are strong in their faith and knowledge of God to still attend all these different programs so that they can be encouragement and good examples for other kids, kids learn from other kids as well as their teachers. So I encourage you,Kim, to stay focused on the reason you are in the position that you are. Yes we care and we see that you do too. Why would you let the thing you hate(the book of church order) take away your joy? Take care,Patty

Kendrah said...

I wish I knew what to say to this. The only thing I know for certain is that you have been a VERY positive role model and leader in Christ for my daughter. (and me too!) For that I am most grateful.