Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So there you have it. The Letters to the 7 churches. I would love to know which church struck a cord with you the most? What relevance to you believe these letters have to us today? I myself see these churches as not only literal churches, but a representation of different aspects of the "church" today. A foreshadowing if you will.

I have so enjoyed digging into these 2 chapters. I pray that for any of you that have read these posts, that they have encouraged you also, and have made you take a closer look at yourself, to guard against becoming as one of these.

Christ stands at the door and knocks, offering the most rewarding relationship a person could ever ask for. Do not let anything stand in the way of that!

To him who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

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Mari said...

Great series! I can't say one struck me more than the others. There were things in each one that hit home, and I can see issues of each of them in the church and myself personally.
Thanks for sharing this.
Have a great time on your vacation!

Cherdecor said...

As soon as my head clears, Kim, I want to read all the posts you have done on the churches. I have had a virus and it makes it hard to think (partly because I have reactions to the meds.) I have been thinking about this study before I found yours so this is very exciting to me. I will be back soon. (I hope.)

Connie said...

I've read your serie, Kim. Most interesting. All I can say is "but by the Grace of God" I would have to identify with each one of those churches. Oh the saving Grace of God - how marvelous!

e-Mom said...

Thanks for doing this Kim! You've really delved in. I can imagine you'll be sharing snippets of these letters to all your friends IRL, as the Spirit moves.

I actually enjoy the rest of Revelation a little more. (But that's just me.) It's rich with OT imagery and lots of symbol. Reminds me of a dream in some ways, and takes hard work to understand.

BTW, I have your three Gitchee Gumee stones displayed in my bathroom... creates a spa feeling! ღ