Monday, June 21, 2010

A winner on my 500th post!

Well there weren't as many comments as I hoped but hey what do you expect from a chick that doesn't post much these days! Drum roll please!!!!

The winning commenter is #9 (for some reason it's not letting me show the results, but I know you all trust me right?!) - E-Mom!!!! Now even though she comes from the Coffee mecca of the world (WA), I think she'll enjoy this little coffee from Michigan! E-Mom send me your address and I'll try to get this all out to you before I leave. Also I'm thinking you may already have my favorite devotional ~ A long obedience in the same direction ~ if you do, I'll surprise you with something else!.

Thanks for joining in my celebration all! Have a blessed day!

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2Thinks said...

Oh bummer. I missed your giveaway post. Computer troubles and passing through a hectic life phase has kept me away from the blogs for a month! Yikes.

Hope you are well and Happy 5ooth post! Good golly, that's a lot!

e-Mom said...

NO.... reallllly??? Thanks so much Kim. (I never win anything, LOL!) What a blessing and an honor!!!!

I will email you my snail mail address ASAP.

I'm going to enjoy your Michigan coffee (w/ e-Dad of course). One can never have too much coffee, right?

I would love to have a copy of A Long Obedience... I borrowed it once, but don't have my own. Thanks so much my sweet sister.

Congrats again your your 500th psot. Looking forward to the next 500...

Mari said...

Congrats to E-mom! (Yes - I do trust you) Thanks for doing the give away!