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1 Peter Chapter 4 - Homiletics Practice

First and foremost I must learn to spell Homiletics! Apparently I have spelled it differently a few times!!

Divisions ~

I. 4:1-6 ~ Putting on the mind of Christ frees us from sins grasp to live a spirit filled life.

  • In this section I was interested in the word "arm" in the ESV, here is the definition:
The original Greek word is: oplizo, meaning:
  1. to arm, furnish with arms
  2. to provide
  3. to furnish one's self with a thing (as with arms)
  4. metaph. take on the same mind
When I think on #4, being of the same mind, I think of Philippians chapter 3 and how we are to have the mind of Christ (vs. 5). To "arm" ourselves with the same mind as Christ had in his suffering, is what we are told to do here. When we suffer in the flesh, as Christ did, sin no longer has power over us, and we are able to live our lives for the will of God. This "arming" is important!

It also reminds me of putting on the Armor of God. We need this in order to fight the battle that WILL rage. It says later in Chapter 4, that suffering WILL come to test (vs 12), so we must be prepared.

II. 4:7-11 ~ Recognize the time, be good stewards of God's gifts for his glory through Christ Jesus.
  • In this section the word that interested me was "varied"
The Original word is: poikiloß, meaning:
  1. a various colours, variegated
  2. of various sorts
I like the NAS version of verse 10:
As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

We (as true followers of Christ) have received a "special gift", that God has given us (every one of us) to use as good stewards of his "manifold" (varied) grace. Without exception, if you are a child of God you have a gift, given to you by the Father to use for His glory. There is no excuse. We are also given the gift to be able to love each other, because as in vs. 8 "Love covers a multitude of sins". I also looked up "covers", it means to: to hide, veil, to hinder the knowledge of a thing. In Christ's death and resurrection we have a covering of our sin, and so our love continues that showing of God's grace to others. Don't you just love the definition of "varied"? It reminds me of a rainbow. God's grace is brilliant and beautiful, and has many different characteristics, and this he bestows on you and I!

III. 4:12-19 ~ To suffer for Christ is something to rejoice in, knowing God is the Faithful Creator.
  • Under this section the word that interested me was "judgement"
The original word is: Krima, meaning:
  1. a decree, judgments
  2. judgment
    1. condemnation of wrong, the decision (whether severe or mild) which one passes on the faults of others
    2. in a forensic sense
      1. the sentence of a judge
      2. the punishment with which one is sentenced
      3. condemnatory sentence, penal judgment, sentence
  3. a matter to be judicially decided, a lawsuit, a case in court
Honestly on this one I had to go to the footnote of my ESV bible. Our judgment (as followers of Christ) is refinement. It mentioned in my footnote the passages of Ezekiel 9:1-6 and Malachai 3:1-4. In Ezekiel the Lord talks about going through the House of Israel and marking those who are saddened by the abominations going on in Israel, and striking down those who are not marked, regardless of age or gender. In Malachi the Lord talks about the refiners fire, that purifies the sons of Levi. We are being refined at this time. If we are being refined, then how much more will those suffer who are not of the House of the Lord. Knowing all of this, we need to live our lives giving it over to The Faithful Creator!

Subject Sentence ~ "Christians" share in Christ's suffering, entrusting God with their souls.

AIM ~ To cause the audience to understand: As Christians we no longer live as we did in the past. We understand we are different and live in the power God gives to be good stewards of his graces, know he is faithful.

Application ~

I. Are you living a spirit-filled life? Do your unsaved friends notice a difference in you?

II. Are you using the gift God HAS given you to serve His body for His glory?

III. Are you prepared for the suffering that WILL come as a Christian? Have you been arming yourself with the mind of Christ through the study of the Word of God?

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Mari said...

I never fail to be surprised at how much can be found in one chapter, and how it applies to your life. I really found the second point interesting. I always appreciate your application questions too - they often make me squirm, and that's ok!

Shelley said...

As I read the passage and thought about the word judgement - it made me think about revival. True revival (or those recorded in History for us) have always shown us that revival starts with true repentance - those who were part of the revival were overwhelmed by their sin and many made drastic changes. (in a sense the judgement that their sin brought on them was too much in the presence of God) In Wales the pit ponies ceased to do their work b/c the miners had come to salvation and they no longer cursed at them as a command to do their work. Men and women came under God's judgement of sin - but did something about it - and repented. So my heart is quickened today by the verse that says 'it is his KINDNESS that leads us to repentance" Romans 2:4His judgement should bring repentance to our lives but he is so kind to us that he brings judgement for our good.

Sorry I went off on a tangent here but you just got me thinking on the word judgement also.

PS Your bible reference links all go to 2 Timothy 4 :)