Friday, June 10, 2011

1 Peter Chapter 2 - Homiletics practice

2nd attempt at Homiletics.

I am enjoying what God is teaching me through this study. I hope you are blessed too.


I. 2:1-10 ~ Living because Christ is living; chosen because Christ is chosen, to proclaim God!

II. 2:11-20 ~ Live life so that it brings honor to God in all areas of life.

III. 2:21-25 ~ Christ leads by example, showing true humility and trust.

Subject Sentence: Chosen by God, to honor God through Christ's submissive example.

AIM: To cause the audience to: Know they have been chosen, and given power to live a God honoring life through Christ's example in his suffering.


I. Do you see yourself as chosen? Why or why not?

II. Do all your actions among non-believers bring glory to God? At home, work, church?

III. Where is Christ calling you to follow his example of suffering for him?

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Mari said...

I like this homiletics. It really pinpoints things you are reading and makes me think about the application, instead of just what I find interesting.

Shelley said...

well done - three points lol

And even though it may cause controversy - I am a totally 'election' girl and believe without a doubt that God chose me - I did not choose Him ;)