Thursday, June 2, 2011

1 Peter Chapter 1 - Homiletics

Bear with me here! I am learning the study of Homiletics, and I thought it might be nice to type out my process here. If there are any Homiletic scholars out there pointers would be appreciated!! I started learning this in Bible Study Fellowship this past year so I am following their instructions. So here we go:

Divisions ~

I. 1:1-2: Peter addresses the elect exiled by work of the Trinity, for santification, obedience and forgiveness of sins.

II. 1:3-7: Born again to a living hope through Jesus Christ to an inheritance kept by God's power until end, rejoicing in these even in trials for faith's testing.

III. 1:8-12: Because of the prophets faithfulness we believe in and love Jesus Christ, the one they fortold of coming.

IV. 1:13-21: Called to be holy as our Heavenly Father is holy, through Jesus Christs.

V. 1:22-25: Purified through obedience to the truth, born again through the Living & Abiding Word that last forever.

These are supposed to be division headings. I'm thinking I should have split the chapter into 2 homelitics, way to much info. I was only supposed to have 4 sections, and I had to do 5.

Subject Sentence ~

Our salvation secure, living holy lives, through the Living Word.

This sentence is to combine several sentences into one of no more then 10 words. The sentence should be grammatically correct, containing a subject and a verb. This sentence represents to "thrust" of the whole passage.

Aim ~

To cause the audience to: Rejoice in their salvation, living lives holy unto the Lord, through the Living & Abiding Word of God that last forever!

The "aim" is the main lesson or principle you want the audience to learn or do after hearing the lesson. Aims should be short and very definite.

Specific Application Questions ~

I. Am I rejoicing in the hope of my salvation or am I living a life of guilt and regret?

II. Do I desire to live a holy life, bringing glory to God? If not, why not?

III. Am I in the Living Word everyday and heeding it's instruction?

Well there is supposed to be one application section for each division so I kind of messed up there, but they are supposed to apply to real life. The application should be a question, that will motivate the audience to put the aim into action.

So how did I do????? Confused yet? I am!!!

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Mari said...

I have to admit to not knowing about homiletics! So, I'm not a great judge, but I really liked this. It would seem that it's a good way to really get into a chapter and your questions made me think!

Pastor Steve said...

Good job, Kim! You are right that there is a lot of information in the chapter. In one sense verses 3-12 present the truth of our inheritance in Christ, and verses 13-25 are the application of that truth. Always watch for the "therefore." The subject sentence or propositional statement in one sense summarizes the whole passage (that's challenging sometimes, but very important because it reveals what God intends to say through the passage rather than what WE want to say through the passage). I'll leave it at that for now, but good job - and nice site! PS

Carol said...

I don't know much about homiletics either, but I found your post to be quite inspiring and challenging.
I find it always good to re-evaluate what I believe, why I believe it and is my belief being worked out in my life - ie am I living a holy life for my Lord, am I a witness to others of the love and goodness of God and His desire to draw people to Him? Oftern I fall far short of these things, but God in His grace helps me along. Thank goodness that when we do fail, we get to go again......
Thanks for this.

e-Mom said...

Awesome... good for you for diving into Scripture like this, Kim. Do you plan to write Bible studies?

BTW, I'm halfway through E. Peterson's book, and LOVING it. Wow, now I understand why it's one of your favs. Thanks again.


Shelley said...

Oh - I like this - I like alot - off to read your other posts - I think you did really well. I'm like you and have a hard time condensing information - but I'm sure practice is all it takes :) And Pastor Steve thinks you did great - so if you have the Pastor's approval you must be off to a good start - lol

Shelley said...

PS with regards to Pastor Steve's comment about 'therefore' - I've always been taught that whenever I read the word 'therefore' I need to stop and ask myself 'what's it there for?" as there is always application - I love this stuff!