Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Well Halloween is over for another year! This year we let Jeremiah go out with a friend, but told him, "Seriously when you're driving, you are no longer "trick or treating!!!" I wouldn't have minded him stopping a couple of years ago, but my easy going husband was like, no big deal, so I relented. I just thought I would share their costumes from this year. I think Bekah's is my favorite one from all the years! I just loved that tu tu!!! Jeremiah's was made, hummmmm...... let's see at 3:50 yesterday!!! He said after school, "yeah I'm going with Caleb to his grand parents house." They live in a rich neighborhood apparently where they had out King Size candy bars!! Ho Boy!! So off to the local LOVE Inc (In The Name of Christ), and $3.71 later viola!!! His mask is Hillary Clinton, I honestly do not know what the rest is stating!!!!

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Mari said...

Bekah looks so cute - and Jeremiah? It's a look! I can't say that Hillary is too cute. :)