Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baking with Bekah!

On Thursday Bekah has a little Market Place her 3rd grade classes are doing. The children have to figure out if they are going to do a Goods or Service. Then they have to figure out what supplies are needed, and how much it will cost. They need to price them then and figure out their profit. Bekah decided to make cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. She is going to charge .30 cents. Here is a picture of my girl mixing her cupcakes. We decided to make them tonight because we have TeamKID tomorrow night at church and we'll only have time to frost before that!

She so enjoy's being in the kitchen. Tonight after school she needed to have blood drawn. Her first time doing that. He eyes got as big as saucers! I think I could actually see her pupils dilate. Anyway the doctor thinks she is not growing at the right rate so he wants to check a few things out. I told Steve not to worry, it's just a doctors chart!

Also tomorrow I go in for a stress echocardiogram on my heart. I have not felt all that great lately, and as of last Thursday my blood pressure was excessively high. I'm just having things checked out. My blood pressure has since gone to just above normal which is good. It's insane. My blood pressure has always been perfect. I feel like I'm falling apart physically. I need to get the lead out and start exercising again. I can hardly make it up stairs without breathing heavy.


Cheryl said...

Doesn't she look happy! I can surely tell she loves being in the kitchen. I'm sorry to hear about your blood pressure. My husband just found out that his is high also. They put him on medication and his is back down to normal. It makes you wonder what is causing that?? huh? He has started exercising and trying to come off with some of his weight so he can get off the med's. I hope you have good results on your echocardiogram. Its a good thing you are checking this out. Keep us informed. Saying a prayer for your health. God Bless~

Mari said...

Bekah looks happy as a clam in that kitchen! What a fun thing to do. I'll be praying for you tomorrow. I'll be sitting waiting through my Dad's surgery so it's a perfect time to pray - right? Maybe we should walk together - I need to get the lead out too!

Denise said...

Your daughter is so precious, how sweet. I will be lifting you up in my prayers dear one. May God be with you as you get the echocardiogram. I have an appointment with my heart doctor regarding my blockages wednesday. I love you my friend.

Diane said...

Bekah looks fine to me! I had to take Tori in at 9 months for the same reason and she's doing fine. Some girls are just petite which is not a bad thing. :) I'm sure she's fine - God is in control of everything. Your blood pressure is a curious thing but I know too what it's like to be falling apart. I went to the dr. yesterday too and there was a small list of things I asked her about. She told me we're all like cars, the more mileage you have, the more maintenance you need. Comforting, right?

Linda said...

She is so proud of herself! This is just too cute. I remember when my kids did projects like this, too. Praying for you about your check-up today.

Cheri said...

She does look like she's having a great time- a little Martha Stewart in the making.
Arianna is a tiny thing too- maybe we just have petite girls in this neighborhood!
I need to get exercising again too- why does it have to be so hard!

Anonymous said...

My girls do a market day every year for Friday school. Great life lessons, great fun, too! Praying for a good report on your echocardiogram today.
Love you, girl!