Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm sure you've heard this cry before from me, and I am so sorry that lately I have lamented alot on this blog, but hey that is what my blog is about - getting things off my chest and out of my mind, so hold on to your hats I have something to say!!!!!

I HATE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!
Was I clear enough! Now I know that God is in control! Yep know that, trust that, believe that! But does that mean I have to like it?!!! Well if it does I'm a gonner, because I HATE CHANGE!!!
There is a change acoming, and I'm not talking about the election, or the weather, or even the change in my growing older and larger body! If it doesn't come sooner, it will come later, and that just ticks me off! Seriously I know I need help! Someone shouldn't struggle this much with change! I have just been bugged all afternoon!
So what is a person to do?! hummm.... work through it, stomp my feet a little or alot and get over it! Oh how I hope it doesn't take long for me to do that!
I guess I can try to focus on the change I do like:
  • Me growing closer to God and not away
  • My hair color when I get a lowlight/highlight
  • The changes in seasons
  • My weight going down (not that that's happening or anything)
  • When my kids attitudes change from grumpy to peaceful
  • When my attitude changes from grumpy to peaceful
  • When people surprise me and step forward for a task
  • Pocket change for coffee
  • A change in prognosis
  • A positive change in job status
  • Lifes changed because of Christ
  • Families reconciled
  • Night to day
  • Cold to warm

Well I think I've ranted enough! Thanks for listening!

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Marsha said...

I loved this!!! How unique and truly things to be thankful for!