Monday, November 3, 2008

I can identify! Can any of you?!

So yesterday I was reading the comics in the Sunday paper and I came across "ZITS". Now this boy often reminds me of my oldest, and his name just happens to be Jeremy, which is close to Jeremiah. Well I couldn't resist posting this to see if I can get a witness!
Edit: This should be the correct link for the cartoon I was refering too! Thanks Jen and Diane!
Us poor Moms, will we ever get a break!!!!


Cheri said...

You can count me as 1 witness- something tells me you'll get a ton more- you're not alone!

Diane said...

That was funny!!! I can sooooo relate to that!!! I haven't had to do much of this at all the last few years though so I really can't complain. Why is it that it's ALWAYS MOM'S FAULT????? Man! We just can't win! :)

(You might want to specify to look up the comic for 11/02/08 though - when I went on the link it took me to today's comic)

Jennifer said...

Since you had already told me the joke... I noticed you linked it to the main page so the comic is different depending on what day you click on it. Here is the link to specific comic you were refereeing to:


Kae said...

Can I ever identify....My youngest daughter Brianna, is a beautiful girl. Of course I think that. Anyway, she went dress shopping for a homecoming dress with her sister Andrea and came home with a black dress that I couldn't wait to see on her. It was just perfect until......she put on THOSE BRIGHT PINK SHOES. ugh! I said, "You look very nice honey." She felt great and I was happy for her. Now her Dad on the other hand just smiled and took pictures....oh

Mocha with Linda said...

I love Zits! So funny!

Mari said...

That is so funny - and so true!