Sunday, December 21, 2008

2nd Annual Ginger Bread house making.....

I don't know if you remember our 1st adventure into Ginger Bread House making, but yesterday we gave it another try! Mom got some smarts after last year and went to Walmart after Christmas and bought Ginger Bread House kits at 80% off! NO MORE GRAHAM CRACKERS to deal with. We also got Ginger Bread Christmas Trees!

Here is Bekah and her friend Alexis making their houses! The kits come with everything you need and the house is already assembled! This will be the way to go from now on! The girls did a great job, and we have some very cute decorations for the rest of the Christmas season!

Today is Sunday, but no church! Church was cancelled! Of course I was all dressed and out the door before I realized that! I had checked the web about 6:45 and there were only 3 churches cancelled. When I got to church there was no one there, and the Praise Team has to be there early! humm..... I put in a call to Steve and low and behold it was cancelled! Oh well I look great for my family! To all of you who are snow in, have a great, relaxing day!


Cheri said...

Very cute houses! I love the pre assembled ones too.
Mark's alarm went off - I was still in bed and then I got the text from wzzm that church was cancelled- 5 minutes earlier would have been great. Oh well- nice to have a whole day of just being snowed in together!

Mari said...

What a bummer that you got out in that stuff. I checked before I got into the shower at 6:30 on channel 13 and there were quite a few cancellations but not ours. I checked again after I got out and everything around us was canceled. So I watched for a little bit and ours came on. I'm so glad I don't have to work today.
PS - the houses turned out great!

Mocha with Linda said...

What fun! Love the smiles on their faces!