Monday, December 15, 2008

Annual Christmas Program!

Well last night was my last official big thing to do for Church before the holidays. The annual Children's Christmas program. According to my husband and myself this just may be my last one! I'm sure there is someone much more talented and less stressed that can do a much better job! I have to tell you I don't understand myself sometimes. I get so stressed over it, worrying about all things that are outside my control, then the day of or afternoon of I am so at peace! It was a great night! The kids did a fabulous job! Another amazing thing, Saturday's rehearsal can just be the pits and then boom the night of the performance they are angels and behaving and singing! It just warms the heart!!!

Here are a few pics from last night.
Here is the chorus of children including our littlest ones.

The children acted out different verses that were being spoken. I should probably tell you here that the program was showing Christ in scripture "from the beginning". It was written by our associate pastor. Here the young boy in white represents God and the two girls, one of course is my Bekah represent the gates from Psalms 24:7 (I think) where it says life up your heads O gates...let the king of glory enter in.Here the angels are appearing to frightened shepherds from Luke.Here is from Revelations where those robe in white are passing through the gates into the city!We also had a liturgical dance that Steve didn't get pictures of. The girls danced to Fernando Ortega's "Let all mortal flesh keep silent". It was beautiful!


Cheri said...

It was a very nice program. Everyone did such a good job!

Mari said...

It was a great program. You did a wondefull job as usual. We were talking with a few others after the program and saying that God always irons out the wrinkles and "The story" is always told. Nice job and thanks for all your work!

Chad and Tammy said...

The program was great! Thank you for all of your hard work Kim!!

Cheryl said...

The stage looks so pretty! I'll bet you did a wonderful job Kim. You are a good servant to work with these children. They all look like they know their parts well! Your Church is really big!

Joanne said...

Oh Kim, if that isn't just the cutest! You will forever be remembered by these little peanuts as the one who helped make their Christmas play special.

Our two youngest were in our church's performance too. We were at church from 2 until 6pm. I can only imagine how tired you must have been!

Nate and Brenda said...

Kim, Yes it may be stressful but it turned out GREAT!!!

DeeDee said...

Boy does that ever bring back memories. I led our Children's choir for years. And I remember the Saturday practices... and yet they always came through... LOL

Looks like they/and you did a great job!

Sweet Blessings
and Merry Christmas!