Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Trip to the Capital!

I can't get the pictures to line up, but I think you get it.
Our capital dome

Bekah and Libby (Jen's Daughter) on the Captial steps

A look at the dome from the inside.

Looking down on the glass floor, on the ground floor of the dome.

Our state Rep was there (Arlen Meekhof) so we were allowed on the House of Rep floor (very cool)

Another look at the dome.

Float copper from my favorite place (The Keewanaw Peninsula, U.P.)

Bekah & Libby on the bus ride down. The llllloooonnnggg bus ride down!


Mari said...

You got some great pictures. Sounds like you and the girls had fun!

e-Mom said...

Beautiful dome photos. Just gorgeous! :~D

Cheri said...

Arianna can't wait for this trip. I bet that was a loooooong bus ride!

Jennifer said...

Lesson learned... don't send Libby with a disposable camera. I paid for a bunch of blurry or black pictures. Oh well, at least her friend's mom took lots of great pictures.

Denise said...

Such lovely pictures.