Saturday, January 3, 2009

What Legacy am I leaving?

I have the pleasure of reading posts over at Marsha's Musings. She is such a blessed writer, and I am continuously encourage by her posts! I love her "Hope Chest Legacy" post, where she may write about one of her children or grandchildren. Or the people that have influenced her life for the Lord. Reading this post really convicted me.


I am so busy right now that I bearly have time to teach my children scripture; to delve into the Word of God on a profound level; to pray without ceasing for all the generations to come after me!

Thinking about this NEW year, and what the Lord desires for me and my family, I cannot help but think that KNOWING Him, and BEING with Him should top my list! Stop with all the busyness! Let go of the things of this world! Put his things first!

The things I cannot control
judging others and leave that to Him
doing, and doing, and doing

My children and their eternal relationship with God
Hiding the word in my heart and theirs
Praying for them and my extended family who so desperately need a clear picture of who God really is!
My husband and our relationship
My spiritual legacy: How will they remember me?


Mocha with Linda said...

Love this song! Such a great message! You ought to go link it up to Then Sings My Soul Saturday!

Marsha said...

Oh Kim, I'm totally humbled. All the glory goes to Him.

I love your post. Wonderful lists of things to forget and focus on. It looks like mine and I haven't even posted it!

And the video... you know I love that song and anything by Nichole Nordeman. Thanks for sharing it.

I thought I would put up links of those doing the chronological Bible reading this year. Are you?

Have a blessed weekend.

Marsha said...

PS - love your new look and header.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Really, really nice post, food for thought.

Erica said...

I was seriously considering using this song today too! I decided to read a few posts before I put mine up! Great time of year to be thinking about being a legacy for my children of my heavenly father!
Oh and I love your blog too!

Sandy said...

oh, great great post. i think the older we get the more we ponder these questions in our hearts!
happy new year!