Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Windy Adventure!

A couple of Friday's ago we decided to go on a little camping adventure to Pentwater. The weather was supposed to be beautiful so we thought it would be a good time to try out tent camping again. That is how we started camping, with a tent, but now we have a wonderful 27 foot travel trailer that has spoiled us! In a couple of years we want to go out west, but we know our truck won't be able to pull our trailer through the mountains. Hence we need to find other mode of sleeping arrangements! The weekend was laid out before us: biking, hiking, fishing, sounded great! But alas with Michigan, just wait 15 minutes and the weather will change! We got up to the State park in Pentwater and immediately looked for the lot that would protect us and our tent from the mighty wind ablowin'! We finally found one (there were only like 4 other campers in the park) Pentwater state park is quite how shall I say: open!!!! After we got everything set up (we all worked together well), we headed for dinner in downtown Pentwater. Then when we came back we went for your customary walk! It didn't last long! The sand was really wipin'! You can see from the one picture below that Bekah though going low was a good idea (silly girl)!

We go to bed early to read, because it's to windy for a fire (one of my favorite things) and then about 10:00 turn out the lights. I should probably tell you hear that earlier I had been by the bathrooms and read about emergency procedures. One of the was in case of high winds a steady siren will sound. So off to bed we go! Around 12:30 (of course I was the only one awake watching the top of the tent go back and forth), a siren goes off in the town of Pentwater! I lean over to Steve and tell him "honey I hear a siren, do you think we should check on what's going on?" and I kid you not, these were his exact words "I thought it was the noon siren". Never wake a man out of a sound sleep and ask a silly question!!

Long story shorter - we made it through the night, got the tent put away before the deluge began and headed home! All in all it was a great night! We realized we can still sleep in a tent, so Yellowstone and Grand Tetons here we come, in a couple of years!!!

Here we are the next morning, showing that we survived and still loved each other!


Beth in NC said...

Great pictures! I think an alarm in the night would have freaked me out a bit.

That is a nice sized tent. We haven't camped in many years!

Andrew Bruins said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. I love that first picture you took.

Mari said...

I love the first picture too - beautiful! Glad you survived the night. It will give you something to remember!

Denise said...

Such beautiful pictures, glad your family is safe my friend.