Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bloggy Break Interruption for Sweet Award!

Even though I am on a bloggy break, I had to acknowledge this Awe-summ award! Lorrie over at My Spot on the Shore gave this to me! What a sweet heart! It is so good to know that some of the things I post blesses others hearts. It all comes from how God is speaking to me, and we all know his word does not return void, AMEN?!

Here is how it works:

I'm suppose to name 7 things that make me awe-summ...
(that's the part a find a little hard...but here it goes...)
1. being a follower of Christ makes me awe-summ! (this is the same as Lorries, but hey it makes me awe-summ too!!!)
2. Being with my wonderful family
3. Going camping with my awe-summ family
4. Being Obedient to God's call
5. Relaxing in the Upper Peninsula
6. Seeing myself as God sees me through eyes of love
7.Lovin' on the kids at church
Now I pass it on to 7 folks who I think are awesumm-
all the blogs I have visited are awesumm, but these are the ones I find myself going back to faithfully because they inspire me:
Of course Lorrie @ My spot on the Shore
Mari @ My Little Corner of the World
Andy @ Agile, Mobile, Hostile(because he is serving our country and that is awesome!!!!)Andy I know it's not a manly award, but hey you are awesome and so are all your fellow soldiers!
Cheryl @ "Your Friend - Cheryl"
Marsha @ Marsha's Musings
Beth @ I'm heading towards my Destiny
Lisa @ Extravagant Grace


Mari said...

Thanks Kim! You do inspire frequently and am honored that you passed it on!

Beth in NC said...

Thank you dear -- I am honored that you broke your vow of silence to award me (hee hee).


Andrew Bruins said...

Your right, it's not a very manly award but I will accept it with great pride. Thank you very much.

eLisa said...

Oh! Thanks for this award. It means so much coming from you! Thanks, my friend!