Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little creative help n eeded

I just bought this basket from a garage sale to showcase my pine cones from California. I have absolutely not creative talent, so I am looking to all you wonderful ladies to help me add some pizazz to this decoration! HELP!
There's also my dried Eucalyptus leaves! Tee Hee I may have to through them out, but they are my only souvenir from the Eucalyptus grove we went through!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

You might could get a pretty linen napkin in a color that matches your decor and put in the basket or maybe some pretty fake greenery!


2Thinks said...

ooo boy, not my strong suit either. Weave some iris leaves through it, in a basket weave fashion, so it looks more natural baskety for a go green theme- for summer??? Prob'ly not.


Marsha said...

I was thinking burlap to line has an earthy tone to it.

It's a cute basket, but it may be better suited for fruit or flowers... or maybe I'm not creative enough! :(

Sorry I'm not more help.

Rhonda said...

Spray Paint it! Weave pretty ribbon through it. Use it in an unexpected way.

I love your blog!

Melissa said...

Do you have any more pine cones? Maybe you could find some from around here and spray paint just the tips of them, leaving your California ones natural. Arrange the eucalyptus leaves throughout, maybe with some other dried greens. In the fall I think it would look great with a bed of colorful leaves under the pine cones!