Saturday, July 12, 2008

Then Sings my Soul Saturday!


Edit: I'm sorry this is only playing half the song! It is so worth hearing the whole thing!
Your Word Is Life to Me - Travis Cottrell

A few years ago I heard Travis Cottrell sing this song at a Beth Moore Conference! It became my life song! I remember seeing Beth worship at the beginning! She was so passionate for her Lord! I said "God I want that!" I think it was during that conference or maybe some other time I heard Beth speak, but she said "If you don't have it pray too!" You know like if you don't have passion for Christ Pray for it! If you don't have a desire to be in the word Pray for it! and so on! God will always answer those prayers in yes, because he wants you to know him and love him, because he loves you! I pray that often! I so desire to grow closer to God! It is a journey and sometimes my selfishness gets in the way, but HE is faithful!


I am a stranger in this place

this world is not my home

I want more then it can give

I am a desert needing rain

I'm thirsty for your voice

the very reason that I live!

Chorus: You are the Word, my one desire

an all-consuming holy fire

the very breath that I am longing for

my heart is desperate for your ways

refine me in Your holy blaze

if that is what it takes to know You more

Your are the truth that sets me free


Only the power of your Word

can melt away these chains

that have held me for too long

so light the fire and let it burn

these shackles and restraints

and I will sing this freedom song!


lamp unto my feet

light unto my path

shine, shine on




Diane said...

Thank you, Kim, for that post!

April said...

wow! I have never heard him sing before! I will be looking to add him to my music library!
Thank you for the great reminder to pray for that fire when it is lacking!

Denise said...

So very beautiful my friend.

Jai said...

Travis is an AWESOME worship leader. God has given him a beautiful voice!

What I was able to hear today, I really liked. Thank you.

Mel's World said...

I too heard Travis sing this with Beth Moore and her team, although I am not sure he sang this song, he is CERTAINLY mega talented!

Thanks for the goodie today...praying for you guys as you get ready to go to CAL-I-FORN-I-A!!!

Be Blessed,

Susan said...

Yes, this is one great song, I love the lyrics.

First time I heard him was at Deeper Still last year, and OH MY!! I ran and bought several of his CD's!!

Blessings to you♥

Amy Wyatt said...

I just got to see Travis at Deeper Still and you are right... He is an awesome worship leader. I love this song. I also love what you wrote about Beth saying you need to pray for a desire to want more of Christ. So true. Thanks for sharing this week.

Peggy said...

Thank you Kimberly for these powerful words of a fabulous song
by Travis!!!I can definitely see how they can become a Life Song!

That's what we need daily...that kind of passion for HIM, HIS WORD,
Living it in the World! I'm going to look for Travis doing the full's so profound and it blesses me! Bless you and yours as ou're getting closer to your trip to CA...I pray all is quenched & under HIS Control by then! Have agreat trip! Be blessed!