Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The ABC's of Salvation!

Found this on Chrysalis' Blog. I just had to share it! Today I was alittle discouraged for alot of different reasons! #1 being I don't feel like I am making the difference I would like to make for God's Kingdom in the role I play at church. Don't get me wrong I am not asking for affirmation, I just wish I could articulate my passion better to the leadership to help them see the importance of parents steping up and being the spiritual trainers of their children. Check out her blog for more info!


Denise said...

Keeping you in my prayers.

Mari said...

If you see a wierd comment from me pop up it's because in the middle of my typing the comment box disappeared! As I was saying - that's a good clip. I think the problem is getting the parents to realize the importance of their part and getting them to do it! You didn't ask for affirmation, but you do a great job and your passion shows through in everything you do!

Shari said...

I liked that video and I'm going to put it on my kids blog. I hope that your church is able to see your interest in ministry at the church. Maybe it will take more time and more prayer. Satan would want you to get discouraged and upset with the leadership.

e-Mom said...

This is wonderful encouragement isn't it? Thanks for the linky love... it's so nice to meet you. :~D

Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I know you weren't asking for affirmation, however I'm going to give it to you.
You totally underestimate yourself.
You are such a gift to our church.
I know you have impacted MANY childrens and adults lives. Just one example, I really appreciate the emails you send to parents with the neat tools you find that help us as parents.
Thanks for all you do!

Joanne said...

What a precious video. You have such a heart for the children my friend, no doubt your cries are being heard by Jesus. Continue to lead by example. I know that that was the way that I learned to change my parenting.

I must admit that if I could write any book at all it would be about Christian parenting. I am not perfect and don't claim to be, but I see such disappointing Christian homes. Parents who aren't taking time with their little ones. My goodness, when the kids are little they are sponges and often my own children have blown me away with what they learned in Sunday school or youth group. Now is the time to spend with them, to prepare them for their future.

We do a morning devotion with our kids each day. I learned this from watching my dear friend Lara with her children. Now our oldest two each teach us on the weekends by leading our devotion. It is a sweet time.

Praying for ALL of us Christian parents out there...especially that you will have a tender heart and the right words to say if needed.

These kids are so blessed to have you in their lives.

Cherdecor said...

Kim, I have tagged you with a meme. Please come over and check it out.