Monday, February 11, 2008

Of Broccoli Soup

So your probably thinking this post is going to have a great broccoli soup recipe in it right?! No not quite. I got a great Broccoli Soup recipe from Cheri awhile back that I made again tonight. The hubby and I were loving it! My terribly picky children were not!!! Now I have a confession to make (you can save the hollerin until after). I have not done the best job at forcing my children to eat what I make. Honestly I hate the fight. Call me to old of a mother, call me weak, call me a glutton for punishment, you'd probably be right on all accounts! So anyway I make the their wonderful Mac & Cheese, but tell them they get none until they have tried my soup! After alot of complaints, gulps and assundried faces. They both try it and promptly spit it back in their bowls! Of course their Dad made them continue to eat it even though they spit in it. WHAT HAVE I CREATED?!!!!! How do I stop the insanity!!! Do I just not make anything else and in my son's word "So you would be O.K. with us starving then?" Which I promptly said yes to.

UUGGGHHH!!! There are days! It could be that we've been cooped up together to long! No I've just created monsters and now I have to deal with it! O.K. feel free to let me have it in the comments! Or take pity on me and give me some good Titus 2 advice!


Melissa said...

When Nate and I were younger, my parents would force us to eat what was made. As we got older, we had to try it, but if we didn't like it, we could have a piece of bread and butter. Horrible huh? Nate doesn't eat homemade soup so on Sundays, he makes Ramen noodles for himself. But then it's his responsibility to make it and clean up. Of course, I know that Bekah and Jeremiah can't quite do all that by themselves yet, but I don't see why they shouldn't try something! You've got it right I think, they should try something once, because they just might like it! But if they really can't stomach it, how about a PB&J? Then they're not starving, and their poor mama doesn't have to fix two meals! :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm chuckling over her! Nick hates the soup too- he doesn't like broccoli. I have to admit- I didnt like brocolli until I was an adult either.
What I try to do is make something that they all like at least once a week and the other days I do make them eat what I make for supper. They aren't terribly picky though for the most part, but we do have our days when supper doesn't go too smoothly. If they don't eat supper- they don't get snack before bed. Good luck- that's a hard battle!

Mari said...

Guess what - I don't like broccoli soup either! When Andy was little he didn't like pea soup until we called it turtle soup (This was when Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles were big) Then he ate it. I wouldn't worry about it too much, they'll grow out of it. Just keep having them taste things. I guess I wouldn't make Mac and cheese though - I'd tell them they could make themselves a PB&J sandwich or something like that, if they didn't want to eat our supper.
You have good kids - the important things you teach them are showing, food isn't one of the big things!

Mari said...
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Diane said...

I always told our kids that they would have to eat what was at the table and if they didn't like it, they could wait until breakfast to eat again. They usually got enough to tide them over until the next morning whether they liked the meal or not. You are a great mom and you know your kids the best so whatever you do with them, that's the best for them! :)

Jennifer said...
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Anonymous said...

As kids my dad always said "If you don't like what we're having eat what you brought along" which was not really true if you didn't take a portion that he felt was large enough, he would "help" you. It was only after I got married that I figured out the reason I hated my mom's cooked carrots was because she put butter and brown sugar on them. She thought it was a treat, I thought it was nasty.
I know I have probably already shared our family policy but for those who don't know: They have to take at least 2 bites, one for their mouth to say "hmm this is new" and the other so their mouth can decide "ooh I like that" or "ewe that's gross". We do also make them retry things because as we have explained to the girls, "sometimes our tastes change". If they don't like something after their mandatory sample, they are allowed to chose to eat more of the other healthy parts of the meal, ie. more vegetables or applesauce, but typically don't get dessert (if there is one) or a evening snack. They also are not allowed to say that it's gross, they may only say "I don't care for that/any".
Right now we are having issues with Lauren who wants to eat breakfast all morning long and then wants only snacks the rest of the day. She will claim she doesn't like something, when really she just doesn't feel like eating it because she'll be more than happy to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day (little bugger).

Anonymous said...

We always made the kids try a different food. If they didn't like it ,so be it.... peanut butter sandwiches for them. But I always made them try it year after year. Until finally they developed an adult taste. well now they're all gone and we have a second family. I make what the majority like (or at least try to)and the rest can make their own. Usually Mac and cheese. I've always said I am not a resturant.
Your Big sis

Mel's World said...

I wouldn't beat myself up about it...when mine were younger I would fix them some of their favs and add them to whatever else I fixed.

As they got a little older I made ONE meal and that was what we all ate. If they didn't like it they still had to have a "No Thank You" size portion (like a tablespoon or two) and at least try it all. They also knew that I would not be fixing anything else.

If they were hungry enough they would eat it. We even went to the extremes of having them put their plates in the microwave to eat later if they got hungry later. (I guess I am mean...but I tell you what...they appreciate the food when it is in front of them now.)

I know what their favs are so I try to put at least one of them in each meal time. (Don't always succeed with that, but I try to keep that in my mind).

Hope this helps, even a little bit...

Melissa ;)

PS - Don't feel bad though...I think we have ALL been there a time or two!