Sunday, February 10, 2008

Recap of White (Week)!

So as I write this new post, guess what, it's snowing and blowing outside! The poor Michigan meterologists they have not chance of really being that accurate! We knew we were going to get something, but nothing like is currently happening out my windows! We are snug as bugs though! Thank you God for a warm house, and please be with those who do not have this, and need shelter, may they find a warm place to spend the day!
I thought I would recap our very interesting week!

Jeremiah made it to school 1 day this week! Out 3 days for illness, 1 day for snow! Bekah was out 2 days, 1 for illness, 1 for snow! Mom came down with malady in Thursday, and just got off her sick bed last night!

Bekah started Piano lessons on Thursday! Here is our little concert pianist after one lesson, can you believe it!

Also here is a picture of #1 son who made the Principals list!

Lastly my husband took the only non-sick children to Rosa Park Circle to skate yesterday, at the recommendation of Jennifer . They both had a ball, and Bekah did really well for her first time! Here is a video of that!

P.S. Hey Jennifer, my husband had to pay the same parking bill you guys did! Isn't that a coinkodink!


Melissa said...

I love that skating video. It looks like they had a good time.
Bekah sounds great on the piano...and way to go Jeremiah!!! :)

Mari said...

Tell Bekah she did really good after 1 lesson, and congrats to jeremiah too! Glad you are feeling better and hopefully this will be a better weather week.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Good job Bekah- you are doing great!
Jeremiah- that's awesome- keep up the good work.

Steve- thanks so much for keeping the State of Michigan in business. It's selfless people like you that really make a difference!