Friday, February 1, 2008

Some Old Pictures

Cheri over at Just Another Day In Paradise has been showing some of her old pictures lately. She wanted to see some of ours so..... even though we haven't had our digital camera to long I found some old CD's that we have so here are a few of my kiddos! My sweeties are now 11 and 9!Jeremiah looking longingly at the thing he would come to love more then anything!First day of Preschool for J! The picture below he just took his thumb out of his mouth. Little did we know the wonderful ordeal schooling would become!Here's our little Bekah Wekah! This is right after Dawn give her, her first hair cut!This is her 2nd birthday! She is usually very easy going, but for some reason that day she wasn't too happy with things not going as she saw fit. This picture was just before she blew!
I think this was just before she got her first hair cut!

I thought Dawn would like this picture! See how little our kids were!Have a great Friday! Tonight and tomorrow I get to go to a Women's Leadership Conference at a local College. I am very excited because one of my favorite Bible teachers will be there. No not Alister!!! Kay Arthur!!!!! I so enjoy that woman!

May God Bless you REAL Good!


Anonymous said...

Sure put my kid on there pickin her nose =) Amazing how fast they've grown. The picts are too cute.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Thanks Kim for posting those. That was so fun to see them so little. It was fun to see Sam when she was so little too.
Time goes way too fast!!

Diane said...

Cute pics! Isn't is great looking at these old photos and remembering that ignorance is bliss when it comes to not knowing what parenthood has in store for you?? However, kids are a blessing and I wouldn't change a thing!

Have a great time at your conference tonight and tomorrow!! Drive safely!!

Nise' said...

Cute pictures. I love Kay Arthur! Awesome that you are going to hear her speak. I think I am jealous ;O0

Mari said...

I remember when they were that young. What fun to see these pictures!

Elisa @ Extravagant Grace said...

Kim, this is precious!

How was the conference? I came back from seeing Kay Arthur on a high that lasted weeks!