Friday, August 29, 2008

A great day and a give away!

Today we took my husbands two new toys out for a test drive. Just this week Steve bought a used canoe, and with the gift card he got from his companies picnic he purchased a handheld GPS! Oh this boy is in heaven!!!! You even clocks how fast he walks! Yes it tells him. Jeremiah has biked all over Allendale locking in different points and distances, you know like Family Fare (grocery store) and the Library!

So today we decide to take the canoe on a little trip! Yes at this point all of us can fit in the Canoe. We dropped off Steve's bike in downtown Rockford and headed 3 miles north to put the canoe in. What a great time we had! Canoeing is so peaceful! The river was slow and at some points just a little too shallow, but we did fine! We saw tons of turtles, 2 swans, fish, squirrels and two of the most precious baby deer, right at the side of the river! We can't wait to take it out when the leaves have changed and I hope to take the kids out when the Salmon start running! Oh there is nothing better then being on the river when they are swimming upstream! Isn't it amazing how God made those fish know right where to go to spawn!!!

Anyway we all had a tremendously great time! When we got back to Rockford, Steve got on his bike and his little GPS took him right back to our van!

Great Day, and now I just heard about a great Fall Giveaway! What could be better! Laurel over at Laurel Wreaths Reflections is having a great giveaway! Click on the button below to check it out!


Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Laurel Wreath said...

Kimberly you have a beautiful blog, thank you so much for stopping by and posting my button. Look forward to getting to know you.

Mari said...

What a great thing to do with the family - and it was a beautiful day!