Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ezekiel Revisited.....

Many of you know that I studied the book of Ezekiel awhile back. I have been wanting to summarize my study over a few days on my blog, that it may spur a few of you on to study God's word. I began my study on November 3, 2008.

What I learned (I didn't start writing my summary chapter by chapter, but later thought it best to help you see where my thoughts came from):

  • God's Majesty - His throne is like Sapphire; brilliant like a rainbow.
  • When He calls us he expects obedience.
  • He knows what he is calling us to and the outcome - he just wants our obedience (2:7)
  • "Do not be Afraid"
  • Sometimes God calls us to really hard things
  • Devour God's word - it is as sweet as honey (3:3) & Psalms
  • God doesn't mind our arguing and protesting - he knows even before we speak (4:14 & 15)
  • God punishes rebellion because he is jealous for His name.
  • God is patient and slow to anger, but his anger must be appeased. He cannot allow sin to continue unabated.
  • He is constantly reminding his people of who He is.
  • God's presence cannot be present if sin and rebellion continue - he will removed himself.
  • Be sure it is God who is speaking to me.
  • Every word I hear from someone who says "God told me" - shift through God's word
  • I need to be careful that when I say something is of God that it truly is - I do not want to be a false prophet.
  • God is eternally patient with his creation, BUT there will be judgement we can count on that.
  • Even though we break covenant after covenant - God has kept and will keep every one.
  • My sin is my sin. I cannot blame anyone else.
  • If we harbor rebellion, God will not hear us. (Ez. 20)
  • God is Sovereign - even over those who do not acknowledge Him.
  • God desires that all know him - he says throughout this book "then they will know that I am the Lord." The whole earth (people) think they are in control but , "they will know". (Ez. 25)
  • God even uses the ungodly for his purposes, example Nebuchadnezzar. (Ez 26)
  • Oh how the mighty fall - Tyre a picture of the United States? (Ez 27)
  • God remembers his covenants and takes care of his Children. "Then they will know". (Ez 28)
  • God makes men rise and fall, their error is thinking they did it.

Page one of notes done. I have 3 more pages front and back! I would love to see if you see the same things in these passages. Go get a shovel and start digging!!!!

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Beth in NC said...

Great points Kim!

Mari said...

Those are great points. I was struck by the one about knowing something is really of God before saying it. We are quick to think that our way is God's way when it isn't always.