Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Of Sun, Sand, Surf, Swings,Salt and Shells, Siblings, Stings..and other Stuff!

I know by the time I am done you will all be sick of seeing pictures of our trip and of me talking about it, but at least I am blogging again right?! I am still praying over my bloggy make over and am about ready to contact Lisa to begin the process! I so want it to bring Glory to God and am just waiting on Him to fill in the blanks. Anyway on to the title of this post.

We had a wonderful sunny weather the whole time we were in Mississippi! We'll except for Friday when it rained only a little bit! Here are just a few of the things that we did that made this vacation so wonderful:

  • Spending time each morning with my sister Sandy and her husband Ralph having coffee on the patio. Ralph would always end the time in prayer! We solved many of the world's problems in that patio, and watch a momma blue bird every morning.

  • The white sand of the beaches we went too! The Shells we found on the beaches! Even those with occupants!

  • The Jellyfish that you couldn't see, but that stung you! I know that isn't something to be thankful for, but at least we didn't get stung by big ones, only little ones, and that is a big thank you.

  • Bekah being able to overcome her fear of the waves, after what happened in California last year!

  • Getting use to the salt water.

  • The refreshing surf at Pensacola beach! Much cooler then the water in the Mississippi sound, and clearer too!

  • The friendship tree on the campus of University of Mississippi at Gulfport. The tree is 500 years old and has withstood how many hurricanes and still stands strong! Ah yes... When God builds it, it stands! AMEN!!!

  • The beautiful sunsets we got to see! The beautiful cloud formations, so white and fluffy and majestic!

  • Pelicans! I just love them awkward, graceful birds! So ugly they are cute!

  • On the way down we say this statement all over a semi "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! Not a swear word!" Love it!
  • We are all now saying "Git on over thar Suga Daddy!" That is what our horse and buggy driver kept saying to our mule "Sugar Daddy!
  • Steve and Jeremiah on the rope swing at the river! Don't you just love that picture of Steve above?! I think you can click on all these pictures to make them bigger.
  • Spending so many hours in our van, without many arguments!
  • A safe trip all the way around!
  • Meeting the man on the streets of New Orleans and finding a brother in Christ!

Oh I think that's it, but even if it's not, I'll try not to blog more about Mississippi!

Have a blessed day!


Mocha with Linda said...

Looks and sounds like a great trip!

Mari said...

I won't be sick of it! I love vacation pictures. The picture of Steve jumping is great!

Nancy said...

I can hear the surf now... looks and sounds like so much fun.

e-Mom said...

Those are amazing shells! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. BTW, I like your blog's colors... so cheery!

Beth in NC said...

Oh that looks like a wonderful trip!

I like your new layout.

Love ya!