Friday, July 17, 2009

Ezekiel Revisted.....Part 2

Page 2 of notes on my study of Ezekiel:

  • God takes away and restores again, even ungodly nations. He rewards his instruments (Nebuchadnezzar) (Ez. 29) (vs. 21 reference to Christ.
  • God is very detailed - he can do anything he says - we cannot understand his ways. (Ez 30)
  • God is sovereign - he makes nations & kings to rise and fall. A mighty Cedar (Egypt) is taken down by a ruthless nation (Babylon). They thought they were invincible, not so. (Ez 31)
  • War - What is it good for? Here I began to realize was is part of God's judgement. War is an awful thing, but if you look throughout history, what causes war? Outwardly man because of sin, but also God's sovereignty. - War is part of God's plan for man - he allows it for his purposes. I need to remember here "My ways are not your ways". (Ez 32)
  • To obey God and preach him to all I meet. Here Ezekiel's job was done, at least in part. His mouth was opened because the prophecy cam to be - Jerusalem had fallen. (Ez 33)
  • A reference to the Shepherd. God will become the shepherd of his people. (Ez 34) (vs 27b)
  • God disciplines those he loves and destroys their enemies. Here because of Edom's intense hatred of the Israelites - God destroys them - they ceased to be. (Ez 35)
  • God takes care of his children and remembers his covenants! Israel would be restored because of God's faithfulness. (Ez 36) (vs. 26)
  • "Them bones, them bones, them dry bones!" - can you see this vision?! Can you imagine the sight? God can restore us, even more! God will also reunite Israel. They will not longer be divided. (Ez 37)
  • Foreshadowing - the Bible is full of it. Events that take place in scripture are a foreshadowing of things to come. (Ez 38)
  • The plans of men will not come to success. god brings about all things. We may think we are in control but he alone is sovereign and one day the whole world will realize that. (Ez 39)
  • One last vision for Ezekiel - A man appears with a linen cord & measuring rod. The measurements for the Millennial temple. This temple has not been built yet. So very specific, just like the instructions for the tabernacle and Solomon's temple.

Page 2 of notes complete! Tomorrow or Monday I will finish my notes and oh what exciting things are to be!

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skywind said...

Holy Bible?! God's direction.

e-Mom said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your Ezekiel notes. The OT is so full of good things about God. I especially love all the foreshadowing and hints of things to come. I'm quite intrigued by the concept of a third (millenial) Temple. Thanks for this post!