Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ezekiel Revisited.....Final Installment

Well we are at the final page of notes on my study of Ezekiel. What I can say about this study is that I have learned so much more about God through these 48 chapters! I love him more then I did when I started! I also see things more clearly, and I love how again it shows how the O.T. and the N.T. are intertwined. I hope that anything you have read in these posts have spurred you on to study scripture more.

  • The man speaks only twice (Ez 41)
  • Perfect Symmetry - God's plan is perfect. (Ez 42) (vs. 20)
  • The Glory of the LORD returns! (Ez 43) YEAH! In the beginning chapters God's glory left the temple! Here it returns and Ezekiel gets to see it! I think about this, and I think of all Ezekiel was called to do for God. Hard stuff! But look what he gets to be a part of! Isn't that what obedience is about! Look at the greater blessings we get when we follow His leading! Also can you imagine being spoken to by the Lord God! or are we? Was it audible or how we hear from him today? I wonder.....
  • Ezekiel sees God's glory again. He falls on his face - overwhelmed! (Ez 44). I'm thinking of the song "I can only imagine". What will we do when we see His face, His glory for the first time?! (Ez 44)
  • God wants us not the sacrifices of food, fat and blood. I posted about this here. In Hebrews 10: 5 & 6 Jesus speaks concerning this and Psalms 40:6-8 is where Jesus quotes from. (Ez 44)
  • The allotting of the land to each tribe. There are places in scripture where God goes into detail I do not understand. Here is one of them. At this point the one thing I see here is that God is showing again how he takes care of His people. There are many that say that the Israelites are not longer God's chosen people; that they are irrelevant. This chapter is another area that shows that just isn't true! God made a promise to these people and we all know he keeps his promises! The great news for us is that we are grafted into this people through our faith in Christ! (Ez 45)
  • Chapter 46 is hard too, I currently have nothing to share here. Hopefully God will show me something in the future. After all His word is alive and active so I will wait.
  • A river runs from it - Water is life! The Living water brings eternal life! Here this fresh water flowing from the temple turns the Salt Sea into fresh water that can sustain life. A Wonderful picture also of how Christ gives us life & sustains us. (Ez 47)
  • God has nurtured an orphan (earlier chapter), dealt with disobedience; punished rebellion; and restored His children. His presence left in the opening chapters - His presence returned in the closing chapters. (Ez 48)

A fitting ending

and the name of the city from that time on will be:

The LORD Is Here!!!!

AMEN, come Lord Jesus!

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Mari said...

What a great name for a city!

Rachel B said...

Sounds like such a great study...something I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel @ Life In Beranville :)


I am studying this now for the 3rd time [the whole book]. My pastor has been preaching on it for the last 3 months and will tie it all up next week in church.

Great insight and God has a reason for many of us to be reading and studying this book at this time in kingdom history!

Glean away girlfriend, glean away!!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
[JESUS - the One I Thirst For]