Friday, July 3, 2009

Let Christ love a child through you....

I think alot of you know that I am the Director of Children's Ministries at the church I attend, because alot of you attend there too. I don't often write much about it because I feel I should keep my job separate from my blog. Well what I am about to say really has nothing to do with the specifics of my job, just something the Lord showed me a few months ago that I thought about again yesterday.

I am one who definitely loves children! I love babies, I love toddlers, I love elementary age, and I am learning to see the blessing of pre-teens, or tweeners! It comes naturally for me! I just love um! I also am passionate about seeing them come to know and grow in the Lord! We are preparing warriors for Christ, and we as parents and the church need to be diligent and faithful in our roles.

However there are some people who do not have a love for children. I have actually had several people tell me "they like their kids, but not other kids". I used to just fume inside when told this and I have to tell you I also felt sorry for their kids (this is me, being me a little judgemental). So a few months ago God gave me this though:
It's not about me or you loving kids
It's about Christ loving kids through me or you.
How much more would Christ's power be seen
if those who he was calling to a ministry to children
would just be obedient, knowing Christ would
give them what they need to do the job he is calling them too?
In our own limitations, we cannot even foresee something
like that as possible, BUT Christ is the Christ of
He can take a situation that we would say "I can't do that!"
and do it with amazing results!
So there you have it! Now I know there are some people that really should not be around children, but I wonder if their number is smaller then we think. Do you trust God enough to step out in faith and go where he is telling you to go? Whether in this case with children, or maybe in some other ministry you think is way beyond you? If it's way beyond you, think of the possibilities of God's glory being seen through you!


Mocha with Linda said...

Well said, Kim!

Mari said...

Very well put! I love kids but don't have the ability to teach well or keep a class in order. However - when I felt I was called to teach Pioneer Club God truly did give me what I needed and I loved doing it - and the kids too!

2Thinks said...

Just spent the day with our friends' grandchildren. What a riot! I love kids, mine and everyones. I taught Sunday School several years. I miss it sometimes.

I have found Christ to be as amazing as you quote here- all things possible with Him.


e-Mom said...

Amen... Christ in you, the hope of glory!

I applaud your ministry to children, Kim. They're SO impressionable and reachable for Christ when they're young. Never, never stop. (((Hugs)))