Monday, September 8, 2008

8 in 2008 update!!!

Well last month I totally missed my updates! I have to admit I've been lax in my dedication these months. Oh how things wane when one is incredibly busy!!!!

My 8 in 2008!

1. To learn to wait on God

God is teaching me many things in this area. I am learning to wait and listen! I have so many wonderful women (including some of you) who are so encouraging to me in this spiritual practice. So many times lately I have heard over and over again to "Be Still". I'm learning Lord, please continue to show me!!!!

2. To practice better hospitality

Still a hard, very hard process! I have so many ideas for this fall for Bekah and I to do! I just hope I follow through!

3. To speak truth in love and to stop gossip before it begins

I think I have been speaking truth lately, sometimes not with a very loving attitude though! I've needed an attitude adjustment lately.

4. To pray for others more. To pray for the salvation of my family (extended)

Not doing very good here!

5. To take better care of God's temple

I've reluctantly started working out at Contours! I know it's good for me but I still don't have to like it do I? I am also contemplating the big move of no longer drinking POP! Did I say that outloud where people will hold me accountable?????

6. To study 8 books of the Bible

Finished Philippians, Titus and Nehemiah

7. To memorize 8 verses

I have memorized Philippians 1:9

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. (I have put this verse in the birthday cards of kids at church)

8. To organize all the closets, bookshelves and storage areas in my house.

Haven't done much here since July! Some rooms have gotten messy again!!!!!!!


Cheryl said...

Great post Kim. I always love my visits here. Thanks for being such an inspiration! God Bless~

Mariel said...

thanks for the honesty! It is encouraging to think back and evaluate where the Lord has brought me this year. Helps refocus my heart!

Cheri said...

It's so scary to say things outloud and then other people know.
However you did only say that you were contemplating it!!