Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Seasons

Ecclesiastes 3:1
There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
It is so appropriate today that Iris's theme is seasons. The seasons are changing outside and people are entering or changing due to seasons of change in their life! I right now am in the midst of deciding are seasons changing for me. Has God something else planned for me? Am I growing where I am planted or do I need to be replanted elsewhere? One of the things I have desired to grow in this year is WAITING ON GOD! Do you know that is very hard to do!!! But I wait. He has given me a certain amount of confirmation, but I asked him to affirm that, and through prayer and listening to him, HE WILL!
This is what I'm thankful for this week:
  • I'm thankful for the change in seasons! Fall is my very favorite time of year! I love the smells and colors! The cider, pumpkins, sweatshirt weather, and hot coffee at a cool football game!
  • I'm so thankful for Michigan! I love that we have all 4 seasons! They all have their particular beauty, and show God's love in every one!
  • School is going well so far for both kids. Jeremiah seems to be adapting to his new responsibilities. I know there will be alot of things that we need to help him with, but we have to slowly take that pillow out from under him! Boy is that hard or what! Bekah doesn't like her teacher, she LOVES HER! She is moving right along too!
  • I'm thankful my Mom's 80th birthday party went so well. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Mom was surprised and I got to see family I haven't seen in years! Thanks to everyone who prayed for that day!
  • I am thankful for Kleenex!!! My allergies are awful right now! Pollen has to be at an all time high!!! I can't be far from a kleenex for any given amount of time. God created a truly amazing thing when he created the Nose!!!!
  • I am thankful for the peace that I have knowing that God is in control of all the seasons of life! Good, bad, fruitful, dry as a desert! He is there! He will never leave me or forsake me! He has promised and he cannot break his promise!

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Denise said...

Such awesome thankfuls sweetie.

HisFireFly said...

Amen to the peace of knowing that God is in control. That's one of the biggest blessings of being His child. I often ache for those who do not have that assurance. The peace that passes all understanding!

Deedra said...

Great thankful list! Fall is my favorite time of year! It's so refreshing to wake up to cool mornings after hot, humid summers!

Debra said...

I love that you are thankful for Kleenex! That is so cute! Very sweet post!

Thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

I totally understand the allergy problems right now! Ragweed is really bad this year!

Laurie Ann said...

Great list of things to be thankful for. I love that you have all 4 seasons. We have cold and hot here in Mississippi! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Marsha said...

Okay, I'll bring the cider and apple pie, I'll be right over! I am so in love with fall. It's my favorite season and I just can't wait for it to arrive here in the mountains of NC.

Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

Shelly said...

Those are great things to be thankful for. I bet the list could keep going.

I know if I had a while to sit and think and list things, I would probably keep coming up with things to be thankful for. Sometimes just don't think about it off the top of my head. This week, I have witnessed two beautiful sunrises on my way to work. AWESOME!

Today, got to enjoy the rain on the way in. Boy, were those drops cold on the back!!!!

Cheryl said...

Love your thankful post today Kim. I needed to read your words today as I am having the same thoughts. I'm thinking HE is going to replant me somewhere else this year and I have to "BE STILL" and let HIM. Have a good weekend Girl! God Bless~

sharon said...

Yeah, I know just what you mean; even when things are going out of hand, there's a sort of calm in the spirit when we KNOW God is in control and that he never EVER breaks a promise. Thanks for that!