Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looky what came in the mail!!!

I was the fortunate recipient of Sue at Praise and Coffee's September give away! I love that she does this!! Well yesterday when I got home there was a box waiting for me and look what was inside!!!

Even before I opened the box I could smell the wonderful smell of coffee! Oh how I love that smell! She sent me Creme Brulee Coffee, I had some this morning and it was great! She also sent a wonderful Casting Crown's CD/DVD set! This CD has one of my new favorite songs on it "East is from the West"! She sent a sweet card with the above post card in it to invite friends to her very first Praise and Coffee Night in Plainwell! I'm hoping to get a caravan of bloggy sisters to go down with!

Sue is a wonderful bloggy friend! I so enjoy going to her blog! She loves the Lord and it shows in every post! I love her Two for Tuesdays on Marriage! There is always something there to remind me of the gift that marriage is. She has a wonderful family as well, specially that sweet little girly that we hear about!

If you haven't yet stop over at Sue's you will be blessed


Mari said...

What a great thing to get in the mail. I'm hoping it works for me to go too - can you imagine the noise level if we have a whole room of blogging women?

Anonymous said...

I think a ride out to Plainwell might be fun! Hey how about you bring some of that coffee to work with you on tues.(maybe 2 cups)See ya tues.,Patty

Cheryl said...

I have visited Sue and loved it there. Congratulations for winning the coffee! I love the smell of coffee also. You deserve the win, you have such a sweet heart! God Bless~

Diane said...

Congratulations on your gifts! We'll have to have coffee sometime and listen to your new CD - I love Casting Crowns!!! :)

Praise and Coffee said...

Awww....I didn't know I would find this at your blog...made my day- thank you all for being so sweet!!

Can't wait to hug your necks!