Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

          Iris's theme this week is the 5 senses! I think that is a great theme to have! It's unique and gets me thinking about how grateful I should be to have all 5 senses. What came to my mind right away is all 5 senses in Fall!
        • Thank you Lord for the sense of smell so in the Fall I can smell
        • leaves laying on the ground
        • Apple Crisp or Apple pie baking in the oven
        • pumpkin donuts and apple cider for an area farm
        • hot coffee on a cool Autumn morning
        • Thank you Lord for the sense of taste so I can taste
        • all the things above
        • soups that we start to make this time of year
        • Thank you for being able to taste the coffee I love so much!!! (do you sense a theme?)

        • Thank you for the sense of touch so I can
        • go on walks with my family and pick up leaves
        • hug my family and enjoy being together
        • carve pumpkins and scoop out the inside
        • feel the cool air on my face
        • Thank you for my sense of sight so I can
        • see the beautiful colors of Fall. Knowing there is no way that something this beautiful happened by chance
        • watching the leaves fall off the trees after a big wind comes! They gently fall to the ground
        • watching my children play in the leaves

        • Thank you Lord for my sense of hearing so I can hear
        • wind in the trees
        • the laughter of my children
        • the cheers from the football crowd
        • the geese flying overhead

        God has blessed us abundantly! Give him praise today! Visit Grace Alone to hear what others are thankful for!


        Jennifer said...

        Consider yourself boo-ed. Stop on by to see what I am talking about.

        Denise said...

        Such precious blessings sweetie.

        Mocha with Linda said...

        These are great! It makes me wish I lived somewhere where fall was intense!

        Kathy S. said...

        Ahhh, thanks for the wonderful reminder of the good things the Lord has given. It took me out of work mode and caused me remembrance...I miss my kids being little, I paused more often with them I think.
        Lovely TT post!