Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lessons I learn from Barney!

I absolutely love The Andy Griffith Show! This episode has been on my mind lately and since I have nothing profound to post about I was so glad to find it today! Lessons I learn from this segment:

  1. Get enough sleep on Saturday night!
  2. Don't go off on my own, follow the hymnal!
  3. Slow Down! No really that is a good one!
  4. Pay attention!

Enjoy and have a good laugh I sure did! Did you seen any other lessons?


Mari said...

We actually just saw this episode on TV Land. I love this show and Barney too!

Anonymous said...

Wow,that's a funny one!We love Barney at our house.But I have to say I have never seen this one before.One more lessen,Make sure you wear our best sunday hat,cause someone is sure to notice.Take care,Patty