Friday, October 3, 2008

Things I love beginning with "S"

Mari over at My Little Corner of the World had this meme on her blog to day. The idea is that you are assigned a letter and you need to list 10 things you love, that start with that letter. The letter Mari gave me was S.

Here they are:

  1. Steve
  2. Son
  3. Sweet Girls
  4. Stones
  5. Lake Superior
  6. Sister
  7. Salvation
  8. Sunrises
  9. Sunsets
  10. Scripture

I couldn't figure out the picture thingy so I couldn't post cool pictures like Mari! If you'd like to join in let me know and I'll give you a letter!


Cheri said...

That's a great list- the letter S worked really well for you.

Mari said...

I'm so glad I gave you an S - it's perfect for you! I wasn't even thinking about stones but should have remembered that.