Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Has anyone been there?

Hey again,

So this is my Friday night at the Allendale Homecoming game. I am enjoying the game, even the the temps were just wrong for a football game, to HOT! So my son comes up crying his eyes out saying he can have crooked teeth the rest of his life. I ask him what's up and he says his retainer was in his pocket and it fell out. Now he had been hanging out with his friends all over the place. So we go down and check out every napkin on the ground (because that's what he had put it in). Finally we find it in an interesting place and yes it is broken. Well I am none to happy, but everyone near us is saying it happens, yada, yada. Well so I make an appointment for the Orthodontist for yesterday and we go and have a new mold made. By the way, some how he will be paying this off, since this is the 2nd time. So I take him to school and he calls me in the afternoon saying, I have bad news. YEAH! He was doing extra work in the hallway and someone stepped on his glasses. I don't know how that happens when glasses are supposed to be on ones head. Mr. Thompson and I worked for quite a while on them, finally using a paper clip to keep them together until the end of the day. I told him to tell the other kids it's your antenna. So last night after school we went to the Optometrist(?). Praise God that was covered by warranty. So my question is, can anyone relate, and do they start to remember things you've said 1000 times eventually?

Here's a picture of my oldest too. He is a true blessing, I am just always amazed at what they don't think of.


Melissa said...

Kim....talk to my mom...i think my brother lost or broke his retainer 3 or 4 times!!! as for the glasses, i'm with you on wondering how they got stepped on while they're supposed to be on his face!!!

Jennifer said...

Okay so you know Libby has really soft baby teeth and I tell her not to eat anything like taffy, carmel, even tootsie rolls because we have had to have too many fillings put back in... the bus driver for some unknown reason gives my child a carmel and you guessed it I have on my list today to call the dentist for a filling to be replaced... Should the bus driver have to pay to have that filling replaced? J/K! Does that help?

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm so glad so far no braces at our house! I have however had my share of issues with Nick and his glasses. And no- I have no words of advice either- sorry1

Mari said...

I've been through this too. I'm thinking boys are worse. Laura had glasses and braces. She never broke the retainer or glasses. Heather was pretty good too. Andy was hard on his glasses, and sorry to tell you, but they were broken shortly before he left for basic training. It does improve though!

Anonymous said...

As you know, I was present for the retainer tragedy at the game. We have never had a broken or lost retainer at a football game or anywhere else for that matter, but, I can and do sympathize with you on the mangled glasses. Kaitlyn's were stepped on and broken beyond repair, where you may ask? At a football game! I think maybe we leave the mouth and eye gear at home! ;)

Diane W said...

As for your question about kids starting to remember things you've said 1000 times... it reminds me of joke about tap taps (taxi trucks) in Haiti. Q.How many Haitians can you fit onto a tap tap??? A.Just one more! So maybe just one more time you have to say "keep your glasses on your face and your retainer in your mouth" and that will be the "magic number" and he'll remember forever! :)