Friday, October 19, 2007

My quiet spot

Here is a picture of my quiet spot. The place that I do my bible study in the morning. All of you don't know that the beautiful bookshelf is new courtesy of my mom. I told her last year to be on the lookout for a bookshelf in her wanderings with my sister Sandy. They love to garage sale, estate sale, and antique sale alot. They can always find great deals. Well my mom ended up telling me that for doing her taxes she was going to have her neighbor make me one. I told her that was completely unnecessary because it was very easy and not a big deal, but she refused to listen. She's more stubborn then she give's herself credit for. I should have taken a before picture because it was a mess. I had piles of stuff behind my chair like my Strongs, bible commentaries and extra versions of the bible that I like to look at, at times. It was not very organized, but look at it now. Hopefully it will stay this way
: - )
Bekah's room is almost done. Today I found a 16x20 frame for her doggy poster, and some tie backs. Hopefully soon I will have a picture to show.
Steve and Jeremiah are up at Camp Gerber with the boys scouts. If you read this say a prayer that they will have a good safe fun time.
I think I'm going to go look at my bookshelf somemore. Have a great night's sleep.


Mari said...

I like it - what a great place to sit, read and pray with all your books close by.

Diane said...

Very nice bookshelf! I can't remember you not having something there - did you have stuff on the floor?? Of course, I wouldn't have ever been in "your" chair to see it. ;-) LOL

Have a great day!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Love your bookshelf- what a nice gift!
Mark and Nick are gone this weekend too- hunting and just doing father son stuff. They should both have beautiful weather now!!

Brenda Y said...

I love the bookshelf!!! Looks like a nice peaceful corner!!