Monday, October 8, 2007

I am experimenting here. These are some pictures from our trip to the U.P. this summer. Above is a picture of the sunset over Lake Muskellonge.

Here is Rebeka on one of our stone scavenger hunts

After the long trip to Crisp Point Light, my family played in the water. There is a wonderful lot of Lake Superior frontage here for only $189,000. The problem is it takes forever to get there. If you truly seek peace you will find it near Crisp Point Light.

I took this picture of the seagull. I thought it was pretty cool!
For some reason it didn't post all my pictures. I so have alot to learn.
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Mari said...

Great shots! It looks like such a peaceful place.
When you use Picassa it will only post 4 pictures at a time.

Jennifer said...

The seagul picture almost looks like those cell phone comercials... raising the bar. Beautiful pictures.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Mark and I go to a bed and breakfast on Lake Superior to- it is wonderful up there!