Friday, October 12, 2007

One of my favorite Autumn Things

One of my very favorite things in Autumn are the flocks of geese that fly over. No matter what I'm doing if I hear that familiar honking I run outside and watch them. I even have my kids doing it. Some may think me morose, but I've told Steve, I hope I die in the Fall and God sends a flock of Geese over my grave. Have I shocked you?! Anyway Friday is my second favorite day of the week. I have a schedule pretty much all week, but Friday's I leave for me. I usually go over to my mom's for a while, but before that I run a few errands. There's nothing better then being in a store by ones self. Seeing and hearing the other mothers with their young'uns, (while sympatizing with them, saying in my head I'm with you sister) outwardly going "Glad that's not me anymore"! PRAISE GOD!!! I can meander, and take my time, sigh. I found cool bright pink curtains for Bekah's room today at Walmart (gotta love the Mart). Jeremiah says "It really pinkafy's the room). I will take pictures when it's all done. Today also Jeremiah got a letter from an author he wrote to. His name is Brian Davis and he writes Christian Novels. His first series is "Dragons in our Midst". Jeremiah wrote to him for advice because he wants to be an author. He first said that it's hard to give advice because there's so much that he could say, but one of the things he said I love. It"s "Be able to take critisim". Oh, my oldest needs to hear that. Maybe he will take it from Brian. I think it's so cool when people respond back to kids. It sure gives them a boost. Have a great night everyone!


Diane said...

That's so cool that Miah heard back from the author! Good advice for all I think!

You'd like to die in the Fall? Does the song "I'll fly away" ring any bells??? :)

Love ya sista!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Can't wait to see the pink room- I bet it's really cute.