Friday, October 19, 2007

Visitors from California & Thinking

Tonight we got a visit from Steve's brother Bern and his wife Tracy from California. They are here visiting their son Kyle how is going to Calvin. 5th generation Calvin! They came for parent weekend, and are trying to get in as much visiting as they can. It was great to see them. We get to see them again on Sunday before they take the red eye back. Jeremiah shared a piece of his birthday cake with his Uncle Bern (I should have taken a picture of that). His uncle e-mailed him and told him he wanted a piece of his cake, even if it's 2 weeks old. So we put some in the freezer and gave it to him. Both Bern & Tracy are teachers in Visialia(?) Ca, and this year they would be teaching both our kids if we were out there. Tracy is a 3rd grade teacher and Bern is a 5th grade teacher.
O.K., now for my dilemma. So tonight I'm reading the paper and another Public Pulse just hits me between the eyes. I'm feeling another response coming, but I need to know that God wants me to write this, and if so I most definitely need to have him give me the right words. After all I have to say it in 300 words or less, and believe me that is quite hard to do. If any of you read the Public Pulse, it is the one from Thursday's paper under the heading "Gay Christians". Pray for me as I begin thinking and praying as to my response. I believe as Christians we cannot remain silent or let someone put out half truths or use scripture in a way not intended. I also looked up this "pastors" website, Scary. He is loving people straight to Hell. People today do not want to know that they are sinners. That would be to harsh. But what does Roman's say "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If there is no sin how can you fall?
I want this man to understand that yes Christ came and fulfill the written law of the O.T., but he did not call us all righteous. Only those who believe in Him, and what He did to cover our sins. If not for sin, why did he have to die, good question! He said to the woman who was caught in sin "Go and sin no more". Face it we all sin, and there is no difference between homosexuality and gluttony or gossiping, etc... etc... We all need a Savior and we all need to realize that or we're going to Hell. There may be someone out there who is reading this that thinks it's all about punishment. It's not, its really about relationship, relationship with Christ. But we have to face the fact of why he came and who we are without Him. Oh boy I could go on and on, but then the post would be to long and no one would read it.

Have a great Friday!



Diane said...

You go girl!! You're so great at not being afraid to say it if it needs to be said! I will be praying for you to be given the right words - and only 300 of them! :)

Jennifer said...

Such contreversial (sp?) posts today. Go check out Jason's. I love having to think this early in the morning. You go girl!

Brandon said...

Christ did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. Christ was the perfect example of the law.
Apart from that, I think you are on track to make a goof response. All sin is sin, we all miss the mark, but that does not mean we should not aim for the mark. We have the Spirit SO THAT the law might be fulfilled in our lives. The problem is we don't like to surrender. We like control in ourselves, independence. The Christian life is not about independence. In fact everything in the Christian life flies in the face of the "American Way". Interesting isn't. Our values would lead us to be more communist than Market Driven.
It's all about about utter dependence and the sovereignty of God. More people would get that if they lived in a country with no prosperity.
Anyway, is any of that good fodder for your response?

Mari said...

I saw that letter too and thought this guy has things really goofed up. Your comments really are on target.

Brenda said...

Go get em Kim!! I agree we cannot stand silent!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...


Thanks for that comment. I knew the right word wasn't abolish. What's funny is I even took out abolish and put in fulfilled then changed it again. silly me, shouldn't have second guess myself. After all haven't we been in Romans lately ; - )