Monday, October 15, 2007

Just another Monday

I have been meaning to blog all weekend, but alas never made it to the computer to sit down and think thoughts until now. I spent all day yesterday on the couch with a sinus headache. I think I have a sinus infection but haven't gone to the doctor to see. My head still hurts, but I am plugging through my day. My kids told me this morning I should rest today. Isn't that sweet! I told them "Oh that would be nice, but I have to much to do, and laying down is not an option."

Something interesting I found in the trash in our bathroom, 2 uneaten vitamins. Hum who could have stuck them in the trash? This mom detective will be questioning the usual suspects when they get home from school. I'm thinking a loss of something will take place. This has happened in the past and I told them it won't happen again. It's amazing where I would find them! Children, they don't know whats good for them.

Saturday my sister Kam and I spent 1 1/2 hours at Yonkers trying to sell Community Day sale booklets for our Women's Ministries. Boy howdy that's tough! People do what we all normally do when we don't want to be approached for something. We laughed alot though because of peoples responses. I was able to sell 3, Kam didn't sell any. Not very good odds for 1 1/2 hour is it. One funny thing that happen is we had a woman tell us one thing on the way in, then when she came back through she apologized for lying. After she left we looked at each other and said "she's a christian". Also we had one lady just give us $3.oo. That was a blessing. I told Kam God will bless us if we perservre. I also told her that this is just another area where God is stretching us. Asking us to go outside our comfort zone to support a ministry that He is using. I believe in this ministry 100%. Not many women from Lighthouse use it, but lives are being changed in the community because of the bible studies alone. Women are going back to their churches closer to Christ then when they came. I know that my faith has grown through the bible studies they provide and through the prayer support I have received. We also had a young girl accept Christ last March in bible study. Praise God for that.

Well I have to go do Manna Meals now. Have a great day!



Mari said...

If you aren't feeling better, you better get yourself to the Dr. Sinus infections are no fun, I know.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Kim- I'm impressed with you guys for sticking to it- That would have been out of my comfort zone too!
Don't wait too long to get that sinus problem taken care of- hope you're feeling better soon!