Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2007 Staff Retreat

Just got back from a staff retreat for Church. I was a little nervous about going up just me and the 5 Machachos (?) but it was a great time of prayer and discussion, but mostly prayer. It was great being a part of it, and getting reacquainted with Paul. I didn't take any pictures of us, because I didn't want to disturb our time, but here are a few pictures from around Cran Hill Ranch. We sat with the couches surrounding the fireplace so it was nice and toasty. I also brought my fleece blanket, that kept me warm. Bekah would really love to go here in the summer because of the horses. They have built beautiful new cabins too, so she wouldn't be staying in the old dirty ones. We got to stay in the big stone house with the wonderful fireplace. There were deer all over the place, we saw a bunch of them last night on our way to dinner. I can't say I'm well rested, but what a great time of prayer we had!


Mari said...

I think it's great that you guys did this - what a wonderful way to start things out with Paul again. (especially the prayer part!)

Anonymous said...

you should offer those pictures to thier promotion department. They're very nice.

Anonymous said...

I missed you guys a lot!!!I just wondered around church looking for conversation.I think Rose was getting sick of me. See-ya soon,Patty

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm glad you had a good time- I bet the fireplace was wonderful!
Glad everyone was able to be there.