Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Great Walk in Nature

What a great Sunday! First I get another award from Mari. Thank you Mari! Then I get to go to church and Worship God with the rest of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I get to sing His praises with my family! How great is it to heart your kids singing in a way that says they are really singing it not just saying the word! Love it! Then we go for that walk I mentioned last week. In God's nature! Champ had a great time. He was off the leash most of the time and romping in the leaves. He is a strange dog. Now is time for a cappuccino and a little nap. We had a great talk about the song we sang this morning. I can't remember the title, but it speaks about "The year of Jubilee" and God riding on a cloud. I asked the kids if they knew what the year of Jubilee was, they said no so I got to explain to them a little, then I said I would read that portion of scripture to them when we got home. You can find the explanation of it in Leviticus 25. I think it's very important that our children understand what it is they are singing about when they are singing it. It's also a wonderful lesson in redemption!

Here are some pics from today and my new award!


Melissa said...

Great pictures! I love "days of elijah", the symbolism in it is just amazing!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Those are great pictures- looks like a fabulous walk!