Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Blogger Forum

O.K., I am new to this blogging thing, and I have been wondering lately if there is an etiquette ? So I thought if there were any experienced bloggers out there willing to give me some advice I would appreciate it (and I know a few personally : - ). So is there an etiquette? What advice can you give me? Is even asking against some rule? If you haven't noticed yet I am a rule keeper. I like them boundries and don't like to cross 'em. I so enjoy doing this, and I really enjoy reading everyone elses blogs. Thanks for the fun relaxing release. Looking forward to what I read.


Melissa said...

Well Kim, I haven't been blogging for too long, but I haven't come across any hard set rules. I think basically be yourself, this is like your journal, a place for others to get a glimpse of your life in your place. When you visit other people's blogs, it's always nice to leave a comment. Otherwise, you become known as what we call a "lurker" :) Other than that....maybe I don't know, and I need the advice too!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I think you need to be more specific. Rules and etiquette in regards to what?

Mari said...

Like Melissa said - you don't want to be a "lurker". I'm sorry to say I have raised one - that would be Heather! You are always free to ask questions. Other than that I don't know what kind of etiquette you mean.