Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Craziness

O.K. so I am one of those strange creatures that gets up at 3:00 am and heads to the stores the day after Thanksgiving. I don't really do it for the reasons you would think. I am mostly out to prove to myself and others that I can maintain a civil attitude on the busiest shopping day of the year! This morning as I began my pilgrimage I prayed that God would help me to be a blessing to all I met, and to possible help someone who needs it. I also prayed that it would be cool if I came home with the things that I thought would be nice, but told Him that was not important, they would just be the cherry on top of my wacky morning! Well here I am exhausted and typing at 9:40 instead of being in bed, which I will be in soon! I brought my camera, but I have to get better at checking the batteries, none!!! They were deader than a door nail! Huge line outside Kohls. Bigger then last year I think. 1st Church only had Hot Cocoa, no coffee! Regretting not stopping at Speedway, but that only would have delayed me. Met some nice people in line. We laughed at all the light weights who went inside the mail to wait. Don't they know part of the fun is suffering for the cause?! I got in the store a little before 4:00, Oh My! The things I saw, but I smiled and encouraged, laughed and let people cut. I smiled at all the very frenzied workers, and those who were disparaging the help because they weren't prepared. I have to ask you who really would be prepared for this unslot? People have got to get over themselves!! I saw again just how into ourselves we all are.

After all that and a little more, I made it home by 9:00 am. Felt great all day! Steve, his brother Rog, and a friend from work left for hunting at 12:00. Hoping my husband has good fortune and finally brings one home. He deserves it because he puts up with me!!!

Well this woman isn't me, but I think I came close to some who may have exhibited some of this reaction today.

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