Sunday, November 25, 2007

"I AM" Your Beauty

1. Are there any circumstances or relationships in your life where you can see God has intentionally placed you? What do you perceive may be at stake if you do or do not speak out for Him? Yes, it seems several. There is the relationship with my son where I have learned God's grace and healing power! I realized through his life so far I have learned many lessons and I am so grateful for that. He has placed me for reasons I still sometimes do not understand as Director or Children's Ministries at our church. I have no formal training, and sometimes (most times) feel inadequate, but then that's where God wants me so he can work. That is cool! He has placed me here so I can help those who have suffered or are suffering with the same issues I still battle with.
2. Can you honestly describe yourself as a woman with a 'yes' in her spirit? If not, what keeps you from this? My spirit is becoming "Yes" more every day. I would say the two things that keep me from saying yes the most are my distrust, and fear of failure. God continues to prod me though, and eventually this will be less and less an issue to HIS praise!
3. Do you recognize any circumstances in your life which could be described as an 'unrecurring event'? Have you ever said 'no' to one and watched God use someone else instead? I don't know if I recognize them or not. I'm always bad at these questions, because I'm sure there are many. I know that it will make me sad when I see that God has used someone else when it should have been me. When you are walking obediently with him, there is no better place to be.
4. Are you in an emotionally and spiritually healthy place? If yes, how are you using this freedom to minister to others? If no, what do you feel is holding you in your Egypt? Right now God is really speaking to me about an issue I have had my whole life, in fact I believe we all suffer from it. It's pride. We have been wrestling for about 1 year now where this has been an issue he wanted to break me of. I do believe that he is using it to minister to others as well. I am at a great place where God is speaking and I am hearing. I pray for protection because I know satan does not like this. I want others to experience the freedom I know feel. Let go of that which entangles (Hebrew 12:1) and run the race set before us!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

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The Preacher's Wife said...

HI Kimberly!

I'm so glad you've started this study...I can tell you are a woman following hard after God...There isn't a thing He can't do with a willing spirit like yours!

It's great to meet you..:)