Sunday, November 11, 2007

Science Olympiad

Yesterday the schools held a Junior Science Olympiad. Both Jeremiah and Bekah participated. They both had alot of fun! Last year Jeremiah did not want to be in a team which we knew would have to change if he ever wanted to get more involved in Science Olympiad in the future. Well this year he was on a team, with a girl no less, and in his first event he was the only boy. He rose to the occasion and placed 2nd in both events: Science relay (which involved physical stuff, another hurdle) and Metrics. It's so good to see him rising to the challenges placed before him and not melting down. Thank you Jesus! Bekah participated in the Barges event. Her and a partner needed to build a boat out of tinfoil and see how many pennies they could place in the boat before it sank. They came in second! She was so excited about this event she practiced at home. I had tinfoil and pennies in my bathroom all week. I love how she is getting excited about things. Last night Steve and Jeremiah had a camp out with Troop 93, so Bekah and I went shopping with Kam and Madeline for a little while, then we had our "Chickflick" night. We watch "unaccompanied Minors". It was pretty good. She gets to sleep with me when they are gone so that's what we did after the movie, because mom was so tire that she went to bed the same time as Bekah. Well apparently mom started snoring right away. After the 2nd time of Bekah telling me I was snoring, I told her I would go out on the couch until she got to sleep. After that everything went fine. I will tell you I told her the same thing my husband always tells me when I tell him he is snoring "I wasn't even sleeping". Hum, could it be that I do have the same issues as my husband. Another reason not to throw stones!

Have a great day!


Diane said...

Congratulations to Jeremiah!!!!! Hang in there, bud, you would be a great addition to the MS Science Olympiad Team!! Sounds like you did great as far as working with whoever you were teamed up with! That's something that is really hard for a lot of people! Awesome job!!

Tori won't be in it this year - I don't think she had any fun last year and it's just not her thing. Logan is on the High School team this year and I think he's already having more fun on that team than on the MS team. You most likely saw him yesterday running an event.

Way to go, Bekah!! You also keep at it and you'll be another great addition to the team when the time comes!! That's awesome when you get into the practicing before the event!! You'll get to do LOTS of that when you're on the team.

Can't wait to see what the future holds for those two!!

I hope Steve & Jeremiah had a good time on the campout - that's Logan's troop but he stayed home from this one. When does Jeremiah cross over - is that next March??

A Stone Gatherer said...

Hey Diane,
Thanks for the great comment! I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two either! Jeremiah will cross over in February at the Blue and Gold banquet. It's hard to believe that he's going to be done with Cub Scouts! I can't believe we've made it! LOL!!!

Mari said...

Wow - thats a lot of things to give praise for! Good job to both of them.
Bob and Andy have done a guys camping weekend every year for the last 10 or so years. When they were gone, the girls and I always watched a chick flick and did fun girl things. Those are great bonding and memory making times for the boys and girls!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Uh-Oh- don't take personally what I wrote on my post today- smiles!